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Expansion Announced: Heavensward, releasing Spring 2015


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Gallery of slides here


Spring 2015

Going to Ishgard

Heavensward because there are multiple Heavens and multiple way to get to heavens.

Focused on thousand year Dragonsong War between Ishgard and Dravania

Story focuses on how player plays in war

Also focuses on the Wyrmking versus Throdan and the Knights Twelve

Level 60 Cap, for all jobs (including Hand/Land)

Massive new areas (I'm guessing bigger than what we have) (they'll discuss more at a later panel)

New race (Viangaa, but that's a joke haha); male and female, but not revealed

Multiple new jobs

All new primals (one of which is completely original to XIV)

Challenging new dungeons (emphasis on challenging?); not 3 or 4, but many new dungeons

New high-end raids

Airships! For FCs to build together, will be expanded past what's in 3.0

New gear and recipes (which is a given)


New areas:

The Dravanian Forelands (foresty/mountainy)

Areas beyond Coerthas

Can see them on current Eorzea map kind of

Multiple Floating landmasses in the Sea of Clouds (not on map)

A lot of focus on the mountains

Specifically mentions FF6 as an influence

Dravania and other beast tribes (new ones?!) have their domains

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I was trying to play FLs when they suddenly aired the trailer that right moment, and I'm very sorry about my FL mates because I think my eyes couldn't look back.


No words for the hype. No words.


New level cap makes me nervous though *laughs*. But yes, my FFXIV life is a very happy life right now.

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Edit: I know someone who has been RPing a miqo'te who has been trying hard to become a Dragoon, from the moment FFXIV ARR was released. He's going to die when he sees this trailer, and perhaps it might be ICly possible for his character to finally fulfill his dream and become a Dragoon! Since the main FFXIV character is supposed to be a stranger there, and yet he could become one.

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Can an MMO once, just ONCE drop an expansion without raising a level cap? I am sure they can fill it with enough content and trinkets to keep things going without requiring us to grind out another ten useless levels and two - three more skill on an already full hotbar.


I liked how things were done with the gear iLevels. That would have been an acceptable system in and of itself.

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