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Your Toon, in miniature, on the Tabletop - Heroforge!

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Ok, I realize this is going to sound like an ad, but it's only because I've been following this thing for a while, and it's finally gone live, and I know I can't be the only person here who finds this interesting!


I delve in the occasional tabletop game, and am always curious to find miniatures that resemble my MMO characters, for reasons that ought to be easy enough to figure out here. It's always been a luck thing before, but now, there's a company called heroforge that is doing for the typical gamer what shapeways does for artists - turns your creation into 3d Print.


Heroforge went up this week after a kickstarter, and geeky types can now go to their site and design a miniature for themselves, which they can have custom 3d printed and shipped, using an interface very much like an MMO character creator.


In other words - you can get your character out of the computer and on to the table.


A little futzing around with it, and I have a pretty decent-looking version of my main:




They have a screenshot generator in the editor, so let's see what YOUR characters could look like on a tabletop - and if you have a gamer on your Holiday gift life - or if you yourself want to hint to somebody about it, this could be the thing.


No, again, I don't work for them! Wish I did, though...


Hero Forge

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Since I see nowhere on the site that mentions holiday orders expectations: If anyone does plan on making these a holiday gift.... Order -immediately-. And -maybe- it'll arrive before christmas. But also be prepared for the possibility that someone(or you) is getting their gift late.


3D printing takes time and their general FAQ lists a general delivery time of 2-4 weeks depending on order volume. IF they are similar to shapeway's then the high detail plastic will take longer to manufacture than the strong plastic.


3D printing is a fascinating bit of technology and I've ordered several different things from other places. Thanks for the heads up on this site. Once I recover from the holidays I'll probably be getting some figures printed up!

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I was able to put together my minifig Steel and save it at work before the website started to make my work computer angry. Will post it after work on a machine that doesn't despise Flash.




EDIT TO ADD: Mini-Steel! :D Or as close as one can get....



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My apologies for resurrecting a dead thread, but I have a reason.


For those interested in getting their 3d miniature of their character, but couldn't before, because there were no Miqo'te options....


Heroforge now has added Cat, Dog and Mouse ears to the options!


When making your character, go to Head->Ears-> and look for the new ear options.


Gamer geeks with Miqo'te, Rejoice!


Pointier/longer ear options are also there, for you hardcore Elezen types.


AND! They have tails and horns as well, so Au Ra players can also share the love.



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