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Who do you share a birthday with?

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Silly little thread that can often be fun to do, and that I didn't see already here. You state your birthday (date, not year) and list a few celebrities or the like that share it! I'll start.


None of you will beat mine, because it's January 8th, shared with David Bowie and Elvis Presley.

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Spike Dudley.


I was hoping he'd show up on Raw last night, man! I mean they brought out Rhyno for crap's sake. I could go into a whole rant about that debacle, but beh...


I share a birthday with Cher, Jimmy Stewart, and Country Joe Cocker! I could take or leave Cher, but The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance and Harvey are awesome movies, and I do like me some Joe Cocker.

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May 31st


*cracks knuckles*

Evan Fong (Youtube Video star)

Normani Kordei Hamilton (pop star)

Andy Hurley

Marco Reus

Clint Eastwood <---My favs

Waka Flocka Flame

Brooke Shields

Jordy Nelson

Colin Farrell

Lea Thompson

Walt Whitman

Chris Elliot

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January 26 over here... let's see which names actually jump out at me and my complete and utter lack of cultural context...


Ellen DeGeneres

Wayne Gretzky

Eddie Van Halen

Gene Siskel

Charles XIV

... aaaand a bunch of others that I don't recognize.


It's also apparently when a whale exploded in 2004 and when St. Petersburg was renamed Leningrad in 1924. And the date of the most important birth in history - Paul the Octopus.




Died October 26, 2010, at the age of two. RIP in Peace, Paul the Octopus.

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