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Describe your backstory in the worst way!


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I saw this prompt on tumblr and had a laugh. Describe your oc’s backstory in the shittiest way you can imagine! Ill start:


Therese Orycia: spear wielding elf with daddy issues consistently and constantly burns bridges with loved ones. 

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Old man enters his mid-life crisis 30 years too late.

I saw this prompt on tumblr and had a laugh. Describe your oc’s backstory in the shittiest way you can imagine! Ill start: 



Therese Orycia: spear wielding elf with daddy issues consistently and constantly burns bridges with loved ones. 


Welp, I gotta admit, that's a terrible way to describe it.


I suppose I'll go next:


Edgar Gandervalt: Prodigal catboy genius nearly starves to death in his bedroom because the door is locked from the outside.


Kokoporo Apaporo: Momma's boy finally moves out of the goddamn house.

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Gogonji: Supposed self-proclaimed super-smart egotistical prick doesn't fact-check and goes on a warpath that risks throwing all of Eorzea under the bus for his own personal agenda. Not the least bit apologetic afterward, still wants to use Eorzea as a weapon.


Chachanji: Childish dunce reads too many storybooks, wants to be a hero, and throws a tantrum when his father wants him to do real work. Runs away from home because "SCREW YOU DAD" and only has second thoughts after the Garleans burn his home down.



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Kurt Steel : Son of a pirate kicked out of the house. Does the things for gil. The Walking Disappointment (season 3.15)


Nah Amariyo : Daddy's girl kills mommy dearest. Lies about moving on. Shoves herself into hero making machine. Totally not escapism the movie.


Ramona Spencer : Whiny attention seeker comes into gil inheritance too early. Develops obsession for white haired boy. Spirals into yandereism.

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Nebula:- She had a bad start in life but rather than seeing the good side she chose to see only the bad side. She disappointed and left every guild and group she ever joined and even those she had loved grew to hate her. She truly is a lazy selfish cat who drifts from one thing to another ruining peoples lives and running away from anything difficult.

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Doctor Ozerov: Man with daddy issues and doctorate written on napkins ruins life for everyone he loves with rocks and fat chocobos.


Blake Forrester: Florida Man catches fire from blue kool-aid and follows Florida refugees to Britain where he continues to depress people.

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I love this prompt. :'D


Jaliqai Qulaan: Tribal lizardlady has broken babymaker, gets really angry, loses her family and friends, becomes an alcoholic, makes terrible decisions, un-becomes an alcoholic (sort of), moves, starts a company, and finds friends and family again. Unsurprisingly, babymaker still appears broken. Oh, and feelings.

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Ignorant teen miqo'te can't stop feeling sorry for herself and keeps pissing off those she cares about.



Spoiled noble boy thinks it's a good idea to run away from his problems despite how guilty it would make him look.



Affectless mercenary doesn't know how to have fun.



Brutish, overdramatic Xaelan turns his life into a teen drama by planning to reward his own shortcomings with death.



Savage Xaelan tracker thinks she can find one specific person on an entire continent by sitting in the Quicksand.



Childish Lalafel would literally do almost anything to win a special girl's good graces.



Arrogant miqo'te just wants to show off to his estranged family of five years upon his return.



Eager Viera hopes a mentor and friend will eventually see him as more than a student and friend.

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Zanzan Yanzan: Angsty teenager prone to emotional breakdowns nearly kills himself with fire because his sister was better at everything. Later becomes a poet and fanfic writer to impress girls.


Claude Duval: Father killed in a dragon drive-by while on duty. Now works in the Dragoon division of the Ishgard Police Department to exact revenge and justice while protecting his nerdy brother from thugs in the next installment of Bad Boys.


Iron Claw: Immortal Flames military man that belongs on the A-Team rather than an actual military force.

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