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Starsfall OOC Masterpost [Fate-14]

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Sometimes, tales begin with fanfare, the great blowing of horns and beating of drums. Other times, events slowly build up, like snow on the edge of a slanted roof, growing heavier as time passes until they fall and slap someone on the head and trickle into their clothes, there to remain forever.


This is one of the latter times.


Several seemingly-unconnected little adventures begin…


((IC Post Thread can be found HERE!))





SCENE I: I Adventure..



a) ...For Riches! (Monday, April 18, 2016, 8:30 pm CST)


A leveplate reads:

“The renowned Master Gegereju requires the assistance of Adventurers for a quest of great personal import, and commensurately great reward. He shall therefore be holding auditions, at the appointed time below, in order to determine who may qualify to embark on this most momentous of journeys in his name. Will you be among the chosen few to draw his eye, and earn his favour? Have you what it takes to impress one of the richest men of Eorzea? Come then, and prove it. ~P’ebaloh, maidservant to Master Gegereju, Costa Del Sol”


1. Masked Miqo'te

2. Leanne Delphium

3. Aigiarn Kha

4. Uzuki Jana's'alt

5. Arblis Ellhis


b) ...For Power! (Wednesday, April 20, 2016, 8:30 pm CST)


A leveplate reads:

“I, U’jakata, Thaumaturge most Puissant, do require the service of able-bodied and violence-capable individuals. Power undreamt-of awaits those who aid me toward my goal, of tracking down and then unlocking the secrets of a dire relic of power which slipped through the fingers of all those who sought it, no more than a year hence. In addition to contributing to the advancement of the magical arts as a whole, you will be rewarded with the fruits of my research, in addition to sundry relics of my devising. Prospective associates must be willing to keep me from harm, and defuse inconvenient situations which might keep me from my goals as they arise. ~U’jakata, Thaumaturge Most Puissant, Ul’dah”


1. Gallien Vyese

2. R'shesha Otharn

3. Zanzan Yanzan

4. Kuina Kusushi


c) ...For Justice! (Friday, April 22 2016, 9 pm CST)


A leveplate reads:

“Adventurers are needed to resolve a crime. Witnesses have placed several individuals at the time and location of a triple-murder most foul; however, the family connections of some of the suspects make arrest virtually impossible for fear of reprisals. To this end are we seeking the aid of Adventurers, to perform a non-lethal arrest of those concerned; unbound by local customs, they are at far lower risk than would be a member of the local authorities. Let Justice be done. ~Wailer R, Gridania”

1. Enju Abbagliato

2. Vael'a Ruhne

3. Nihka Mioni

4. Deirdre Carpenter




Reserve List


1. Arblis Ellhis

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Woah, dang that was fast! Good luck to everyone who's in this round, then! I hope you all have awesooooome~


If you like, Arblis, I can put you on the reserve list~ Sometimes people don't show, or have to cancel!

Sure thing! Though I'm more of a reserve-reserve, I have no idea til maybe the day-of whether I'd be able to make any of the three times

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I'm interested in this, but none of the specific events this time really fit plus the scheduling wasn't matching up for me. I'd love to try some time later.


Of course! Membership in this round of events does not guarantee same in future ones, people will doubtless rotate in and out. Keep watching this space~

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