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Your character's 'mental world'?


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Your character is in a coma (or something else narratively convenient) and in order to wake them up, your friends must travel into their Mental World! A mental projection within their mind or soul, that represents who they are as a person - their personality, memories, hopes, fears, and so forth. What do they find?


This could be their childhood home with pictures of their friends and fears hidden in the basement, or a well-ordered library stocked with memorized facts and knowledge in cataloged rows, or an overgrown playground with broken toys and a rusty swingset, or something else entirely!



For my character, I think it would be a long dormant volcanic crater, covered in grass and trees, with a small lake in the middle. A volcano, since he used to be strong and boastful, but dormant as he's gotten older and calmer. Plants, because he's gotten a bit wiser and thoughtful (or so he likes to think), and a peaceful lake to represent his centered self of sense and what is right and wrong.

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This happened once to one of my characters, and his friend went into his mind to 'retrieve' him. I wrote that his mind was like a white 'desert-like' expanse, foggy/misty, with compartments similar to doors and rooms, partially obscured by 'grey matter' (basically just parts of the mind that weren't active) each of which held a memory or emotion in it. Not easy to identify or open up, but left his friend with a general 'sense' of what that memory was.

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I thought a bit about this on the way to work this morning and this is what came to mind:


Chachan's mental dreamscape would actually be generally pleasant. The first thing that came to mind was a pleasant, sunny field full of sunflowers, rippling grass, and calm little streams and ponds. Pretty idyllic and friendly. His smithy would likely be there, set on a little hill at the center, along with other places he has positive memories of - like the Quicksand or Tiroro's apartment.


However, on the fringes - just on the edges of view from the center of the field - are darker things. A mental copy of the ruins of Doma, a Garlean Castrum, the Dimwold. Scenes of all the darker turns of his life made manifest, forever in the back of his mind - never forgotten. And yet - between all of these, perhaps even seguing from them - is that happy field. Existing either because of them, or in spite of them.


Something like that, anyway.

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Xih's would probably be a stone room, a study, with rigid walls and bookcases, a single window placed above a desk on one wall. Outside, it always rains, sometimes thunders. There's no rug and only a bare wooden chair by the desk and a fireplace one one side of the room. On the mantle, there'd be a bent and twisted hunter's horn.

At first, the place would feel at the same time cold and faintly cozy, dominated by strict lines and order, despite the storm raging outside. If one tried to take a book from the shelves, some would appear old and worn, some new - and when touched some of them would not budge at all, some shackled down onto the shelves. They are the manifestations of his memories, his thoughts, many of them bound and suppressed with the same rehearsed order. When touched by the right person, some would be more responsive. If you tried to take the books off the shelves by force, the entire room would've felt like it was shuddering.

It's how I imagine him at least. He's a control freak and has to try and keep himself and others in line through logic and order, getting easily embarrassed over showing emotion or weakness, while disguising far more depth than he lets others see. That, and books have long been his source of solace and peace. There is more symbolism there, but I'll leave them as my own little mystery. :D 


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Vons would most likely be one of his camping spots within the highlands, a warm fire among the cold plains, a blanket and a sleeping bag to rest and his supplies at his side, due to living in the war most of his life he has never really escaped that mindset! Despite all the horror that came from it his most focused and strangely happy times for him was when he was out in the wilds hunting down the enemy.


I imagine those sorts of memories from his war days would be whats flooding his mental-scape, and a few of the battles that left scarring or trauma on him over the years intermingled in there too!

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V'arekai is likely "childhood home" kind of guy. Streets of Limsa Lominsa and... salty seabreeze and all that jazz.


He loves his bae and is way too serious about wanting to be by Candra's side forever... He does not mind the extravagance and luxury and gilded EVERYTHING Candra loves and wants to live surrounded by.

...V'arekai's brain just probably wasn't build to comprehend so much MONEY to begin with! In form of furnitures and teacups and clothes and stuff! 

If you would make him to take responsibility about the aesthetics and scale of his home? It'd be stupidly ascetic. It's kinda sad, sometimes he has great imagination about things and other times.... just nope.


But what can you do. You can take boy out of La Noscea but you can't take La Noscea out of boy. 

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That would be character-dependent, but I think Nerezza’s would be the most interesting.


Her unhappy background has made her repulsed by venial sin. That no one has ever loved her in any capacity places her in wavering states of fear, defensive numbness, and longing. She found escape in a enchiridion (not to be mistaken with the Enchiridion) about black mages with the classic look (black ‘skin’ and glowing eyes), believing them to be superior people who converted from flesh to aether and therefore liberated of corporeal need and desire. Knowing the risks and disdain the practice of black magic, she nevertheless tirelessly pursues her goal.


I imagine her mental world would be fraught with monstrous imagery of debauchery: cold reprobates, giggling drunks, money-worshiping sybarites, Quicksand succubi who tarnish men’s virtues, and so on. If this was a playable sequence, the “boss” would be her own mother as a chilly demoness, having been one of said Quicksand succubi who left her husband for a younger man after having an affair, finding herself pregnant and sending the baby that wasn’t even his back to her ex to raise. Nasty lady. 


Nerezza herself would be entombed in shadow-webbing, curled up and shivering in a featureless morass that represents her depression and feelings of worthlessness. Who can save her? Who would bother?

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[edit: yikes, just saw that I opened a year-old topic :| ....]

I won't go into detail with my answer but I just wanted to say I really like this prompt. It reminds me of the part in Final Fantasy VI where the party has to dive into Cyan's nightmare and literally fight his demons. The nightmare world looked like the ''Phantom Train'' that his deceased wife and kid rode to the afterlife on.


But anyway, to keep it simple, Basho's would probably be the room he and his mother lived in when he was a child.

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An endless, impossibly large dungeon housed inside a standard castle, filled with traps, pit falls, monsters, and dead ends, multiple floors, trapped forever. You can't die. You just start again. Eventually, you'll make it to the end or go mad trying. 


Basically, Dragon's Lair at max difficulty on an endless loop. Also, Hell.



The only way to beat the game is by not playing.


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I can definitely see Oliver's mind world being a vast ocean with a single small island in the middle of it. In the distance are other far off land masses, but no matter how long someone swims they never get even a smidge closer. On the island there is some dense lominsian flora and a relatively small castle in the middle made of white stone. It's full of twisting corridors that are very easy to get lost in. A few rooms in it are locked, while others are wide open and usually contain either contain a mess of some sort (furniture and such) or something silly Oliver purposefully put together. Depending on her mood being good or bad, the ocean and surrounding skies range from clear to just cloudy to thunder storming.

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