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Cheap Bust Commissions


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Do to an official statement made by Square Enix, I will not be taking gil-pay commissions. Real money prices will be updated the next time commissions are opened. None-gil payment will be discussed on case by case basis as I finish up my remaining list.


Gonna keep it simple and quick, so these will be limited to one character, possibly 2, no complex interactions, just poses and expressions and only busts like the examples above. Drop me a note here or through PM if you're interested. You can also check out some of my other work here.


What I need from you before I get started!

-Payment~ I'm usually on from around noon to 4 am EST off and on. I work at home, why not!

-References! Including any specific details like different hairstyles or if they look like a certain actor, etc.

-Requested expression/pose

-Desired attire. This is mainly just the shirt since these are busts. If you don't request a shirt, I'm going to give you naked shoulders :3



-Armi - flat color - paid (Need references :o!)

-Roen Deneith - flat color - 160k

-Rivienne - flat color - 160k

-Lilithium Altair - flat color + hand - paid

-Matahina Umigame - flat color - paid

-Pouncival - TBD - $TBD

-Chika family - flat color - 500k

-Zah'an Tia - TBD - $TBD

-Rurutani/Melodia - flat color - 160k

-Alice - fullbody fullcolor - paid

-Valerie Vaulefort - flat color - paid

-Tiergan Vashir

-Valirelia Ferox


Note!: Unfortunately this will only work for players on Balmung!

Commissions currently CLOSED.


Completed pieces:

-Seiko Mamushi

-Erik Mynhier

-Franz Renatus

-Ilwe'ran & Nebula



-Chika & T'urnessa







-Gharen and Qaeli

-Shadow Merodi

-Kage Kiryuu




-Arala & her Beau

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