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The Second Annual Royal Ball of Ul'dah - Update (Time Set)

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[align=center]((Found posted throughout Thanalan))[/align]



The Second Annual Royal Ball of Ul'dah[/align]

This is a public notice to invite the citizens of Thanalan once again to a celebration to be held by Her Majesty, Sultana Nanamo Ul Namo. This blessed event, which is to be a Royal Ball, is to be held in the City of Ul'dah at a date to be announced. This event is open to all, by Her Highness' kindness, even to citizens of other nations. The planning and execution of this event shall be the honor of Her Majesty's own Sultansworn, with support from the Immortal Flames. Lead planning shall be under the command of Ser Eirikir Mynhier. Anyone wishing to volunteer their aid with this most joyous event shall seek out the Sultansworn mentioned above. Please keep watch for further details of this event.


Ser. Eirikir Mynhier, FCPT



((Well it is time again for some server-smashing fun. With the coming of 3.0 and the current state and unknown nature of the MSQ (something the player base does not know ic) Her Majesty will not be able to attend this year, but She sends her love to all her guest and subjects.


I am really blessed by all of you by your patronage and enjoyment of the two Balls so far. Some people like deep RP and others like endgame, so for someone who gets his jollies planning large scale events..... well I could not have the fun without you wonderful people to come and have fun with me. So like before, if you are interested please post here. I will be finalizing the time and date in a few days from the posting of this thread, but like before it will be in the second week in April. Also as before, if you would post a good time for you to be on, it will make it easier for me to set a date that will be best for all.


See you all there.))


- Update -

The date has been set to Friday, April 10th. Date subject to change due to maintenance, but it is rare for maintenance to be on a Friday so that's most likely not an issue. Times are still being decided on.


- Update -

The time for the event has been set for 1800 (American Eastern Time) on April 10th to 0000 (American Eastern Time) on April 11th.

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A ball huh...which means there are rich people...which means that Ramona could stand to gain some knowledge on getting rich...which means my red-clad mage will make appearance there in her red robes if she isn't otherwise preoccupied. Which means I may or may not sleep for this event...wonderful!


Because my other characters are elsewhere ICly.

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Just giving a bump and dropping that im talking with a few bards for music and was wondering if there are any other preformers wanting to help out, like ic dancers or something.


I have Cylin who is a acrobatic performer, though I'm not sure if she'd fit the bill.

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