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  1. Viera - Yey, Nay?

    I have no problem with people RPing a race that is normally not available to players if they do it well. If a game has illusions or costumes to really make the player look like the race, that just makes it even better. For RP, there's no reason why we should be confined to only what we can pull up at the character creation screen. That being said... as others have pointed out, Viera do not yet exist in FF14 in any form. Playing as one now runs a risk of lore contradictions later if they are ever implemented (even if only as NPCs). This doesn't mean anyone shouldn't RP a Viera, but if you do you should have a good story behind the character to explain why they are in Eorzea. Perhaps something happened when the character was a young child, causing separation from their family and they don't remember anything about their origins. Perhaps only survivor on a ship caught in a storm? Taken by slavers? The search for information about their race and where they came from could even be part of the character.
  2. Hello!

    Hiiieeee If you're on Mateus and see a Tregarde running around (three to chose from!), feel free to strike up conversation, bump into her, or whatever. Don't worry, they won't bite. Well... Katarina and Moire won't bite. Luludja may, but only upon request.
  3. RP Servers

    I can only echo what has been said above, Mateus has a good RP population. To add to the above, sometimes you may be unable to create a character during peak hours. The server isn't closed, just congested. Wait for a time when less people are around and you should be able to get in without any problem.
  4. Heyo!

    Stories and art? I shall keep an eye out for your posts. And maybe our characters shall cross paths in Eorzea.
  5. Naming character a Doman/Kugane style name?

    Adoptions are a great away to get around typical naming conventions. As long as it makes sense for X to adopt Y, go for it (it's how my Miqos have very non-Miqo names). And let's also not forget that you CAN find NPCs that do not have standard names for their races. Besides adoption there's also marriage and cultural assimilation/intermingling. For example - a Miqo born on the streets of Ul'dah, whose family has lived there for generations, may not have or care about traditional tribal names.
  6. Greetings and Salutations

    Just to add to the above, you can also find roleplayers around Gridiania and Limsa. Maybe not as many as Ul'dah, but that can be a plus if you want to avoid a lot of chat scrolling by.
  7. Aether and aether sickness

    Holy heck... that's going to keep me busy a while! But it'll be worth reading those articles.
  8. New to RP in FFXIV

    Balmung is locked yet again, and that's not likely to change any time soon. You should be able to move to Mateus without much trouble, it's really only around peak hours that transfers may not be available. If you do come to Mat, there's a sizable RP community and you can find people around all the big cities without any trouble. If you see a Tregarde wandering around don't hesitate to strike up some RP.
  9. Yoh

  10. Describe your backstory in the worst way!

    Katarina & Moire: Miqo'te twins raised by gypsies Luludja: actual gypsy girl raised with the twins Everyone they loved is dead. (yes, I know 'gypsy' is considered a derogatory term. but the title of the thread did say to describe in the worst way possible)
  11. Emotional distress from RP

    I've read this entire thread, I have to say that I am so sorry you had to go through this. I'm not going to judge either of you - there are two sides to every story and here we have only one - but I can make some reasonable speculation and advice from experience. Relationships in a game are very much like relationships in real life. For them to work there requires communication. At some point there was a communication breakdown. From what you've posted above, it seems like you tried to keep communication open. I can not say with certainty why she started playing elsewhere and not telling you what was going on. Very likely she knew there was a good chance you'd be upset. It is unfortunately common that people try to avoid communication when it actually is most needed, and in the end this leads to feelings be hurt even worse. Unfortunately, a situation like this can cause a rift. You say she is still sending you pictures and telling you stories. It's very possible she still wants to be your friend and is trying to share, but it hasn't sunk in yet that what you need is some time to cool off, and she isn't sure what else do do. I'm guessing she doesn't want to cut you out of her life, and going completely silent can feel like being cut out. Humans are emotional creatures, and emotions can be messy. Every person is unique and react to situations in their own way. This doesn't necessarily make any of us bad, but it can lead to conflict. I do hope you and she can patch things up and be friends again. It may take time, and patience. You may even need some time away from each other. And just maybe, someday, the two of you can look back on this and go 'wow, we really got carried away there.' Till then... it sounds like you are wiling to give RP another chance. Being willing to so soon after a bad experience like that says a lot, I've known many who quit a game entirely after something like that. I hope you find people you enjoy RPing with.
  12. Balmung is closed once again

    Really? That's sad to hear. There's plenty fun things to do in game that doesn't require ruining other people's fun. Hopefully the insanity dies down soon.
  13. Balmung is closed once again

    Clearly they realized that I wasn't going to move off Mateus and there wasn't any point in keeping Bal open.
  14. https://kotaku.com/a-peek-inside-final-fantasys-ultimania-art-book-now-in-1823639609 You can order Volume 1 here: https://www.darkhorse.com/Books/3000-773/Final-Fantasy-Ultimania-Archive-Volume-1
  15. Ageism and Age Demographics in XIV

    I took the survey. It's an interesting question and I'm curious to see the results.