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New Hairstyles!

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Is it just me or does the afro look...pretty awful? I know tastes differ but it feels very out of touch with the overall style of the game...


With that said...I do like the short hairstyle that the roegadyn has. I hope it isn't exclusive to a single race because it's the sort of 'military' haircut I've been waiting for. Not too sure if I'll use it on Graeham, mind you, but having more options is always a good thing.

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Yikes, I agree about the afro not looking so great. I do not not have anything nice to say about it really. I think they could have made it look slightly better, but then again I was never looking forward to the inclusion of an afro to begin with. The only one I like from these new ones would also be the short hair although I was expecting the contest entry winners to be added for 3.1 as well.

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Wait, so where are the contest winners?


I feel a little underwhelmed, to be honest.


I agree. I am disappointed if this is the result of one of the biggest online gaming communities coming together to collaborate  




Well, it was final fantasy fans picking haircuts. I never really expected much to come from it. Most of the ones that were picked were things that we already have a ton of. Real bummer, really x_x

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I, for one, am thoroughly looking forward to seeing the afro perched atop masses of male Roes, Highlanders, and Lalafells in banana hammocks doing the Hildebrand pose in front of the Quicksand.

All hail our new Overlords, the Fro!

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