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Wayfarer's Gift Giveaway


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We will be holding a little gift giveaway to coincide with my Secret Gift Exchange program. If you would like to see more information on that please click here.


So, no filler, just the facts. We will be giving out several prizes of different values to those who reply to this thread. That is...Really all there is. It's simple! Look over all the gifts we are giving away, make a post with each item listed in the order of which ones you like the most, and wait until Christmas Day. This is completely free and something I would like to do for the members of the RPC on Balmung. Sorry for the other servers, but I am only available on Balmung.


On the 25th I will do a RNG which will give me a random number. the order you post in will give me your number. If we have 30 replies, I will randomize 1-30 and if it is 15 then the 15th post wins and gets the gift at the top of their list. If that gift is already taken they get the item second on their list instead, etc etc. Each person can only enter and win once per month.


I hope this brings a bit of joy to some of you and enjoy the holidays! Merry Christmas!



The Results are in!

The following numbers were drawn in this order. The items will be linked to their respective party. Thank you all for participating! And if you didn't win something, you still have a chance on the 29th to enter in our door prizes! See the event linked here for more info and more info will be coming! Also! Keep a watch out for January's drawing coming soon!


The list of winners this month are:

23 Participants entered...The rolls are!...


16 - Alderique - A set of South Seas Chair and Couch!

1 - Sigurd - A Falconer's Shirt!

13 - Val - A Thavnairian Bustle!

20 - Melodia - An Oriental Bathtub!

7 - freyaliesel - A Company Tabard!

4 - Meishali AKA. Lucaell - A pair of Music Boxes!

2 - Aekira Swyfte - A Fat Cat Minion!


I will contact the winners via RPC or they can contact me here or ingame to set up a time to pick up their prizes. I hope everyone enjoyed this and if you didn't win this time there is always next month right around the corner. Take care everyone and have a good one!









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Gaaaah, what a sweet and thoughtful idea, Rinny.  I'll venture a post:


1.  Falconer's Shirt (it would look so dashing on Sigurd with dat jet black dye, <3);

2.  Thavnairian Bustle (...already know who I'd give it to as a IC Starlight Celebration gift, xD.); 

3.  Company Tabard (see above - but for an IC gift for a different person);

4. Fat cat (an IC gift!)




If my post number comes up for other items, please sell and donate to WOE for future events.

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Thanks for doing this!


1. El Fatte Catte

2. Falconer's Shirt

3. Thavnairian Bustle

4. South Seas Furniture

5. Lalafell drowning tank a.k.a. Oriental Bathtub

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Woah! Thank you so much for hosting this! If I had money, I'd do things like that, too... :cactuar:

Here's my list! 


1. A Thavnairian Bustle 

2. A pair of Music Boxes

3. A Fat Cat Minion

4. An Oriental Bathtub

5. A set of South Seas Chair and Couch

6. A Falconer's Shirt (Dyable)

7. A Company Tabard


Good luck everyone!

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Incredibly generous of you Rin, truly. I will happily donate some mogstation codes next time!


1. A Falconer's Shirt (Dyable) (Sorry Sig, it'd look better on Odette)

2. A Thavnairian Bustle (So I don't have to keep borrowing one!)

3. A Company Tabard (A gift!)

4. A Fat Cat Minion (Another gift!)

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What a wonderful idea. Thank you.


So... organized in the order of things I would pick them? Hard, but... looking in terms of items I really want...


A Falconer's Shirt (Dyable)

A Thavnairian Bustle

A Fat Cat Minion

A Company Tabard

A pair of Music Boxes

An Oriental Bathtub

A set of South Seas Chair and Couch


Thank you again and good luck to everyone.

Happy Starlight celebration!

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How thoughtful! Color me interested as well!


I'm newly returned to the game so I have no idea what most of this stuff is :)But if my some off chance my number comes up... surprise me?




So having poked through the list again, the Fat Cat minion just sounds adorable. Otherwise, one of the wearable items? I don't have a house so the house items would just sit with my retainer hehe.


Thanks again for doing this!


Edit 2:


This is what I get for posting late! I just noticed the images. So...


Thavnarian Bustle (I totally mangled the spelling on this didn't I?)

Kitteh! <3

Falconer's Shirt


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