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Is your character naughty or nice?

Parth Makeo

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Found this website and figured we could see if our characters were good or bad




And post results here!


For mine...


Arala: Arala Makeo, you must have been EXTRA nice this year. Santa has a smiley face next to your name on the Nice List! (So...spot...on...)


Xyla: Ho ho ho! Nice try, Xyla Quintessence. Thought you could slip one past the Big Guy, huh? Naughty. (Santa is Cruel D: )


P'rita: P'rita Kali, do you really think Santa is unaware of your inappropriate Facebook posts? Naughty.

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Well, Leanne Delphium, I don't know how you pulled it off, but you actually made the Nice List.


B-But Leanne's always nice ;-;


Yep. She has a close, special relationship with the Twelveswood. :angel:


Edit: So after I posted that, I tried with Liadan's full name. Buwhahahahaha...


"Liadan Summerfield, treating kittens like that is getting you coal in your stocking this year."

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"2 words: Nice List. Mother Teresa has nothing on you L'yhta Mahre."


Sacrificial self-destruction in the service of others? ...Yep. This thing is weirdly accurate. :surprise:


Funny enough, if we just go with her first name:


"You better start making some room for the huge lump of coal your about to get, or either start cleaning up your act L'yhta!"


Amusing. :)

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"D'lyhhia, Santa has something extra special for you this year! You're at the top of the Nice List."


Hell yeah. D'ly is an angel!


"Congratulations, Dodo! You've made the Nice List! JUST KIDDING. You've been a very bad, bad person."


Dodo... not so much. ;w;'

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