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Your Character and Guilty Pleasures


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While many are loathe to admit it, most people have a guilty pleasure in their life. Whether silly or serious, harmless or perhaps not so harmless, guilty pleasures still play a role in the lives of a character. What is your character's guilty pleasure?


Kaiya enjoys watching and placing bets on chocobo races. She has told absolutely no one.


Alasarnil likes steaks well done. They just taste better to her. No one seems to agree so she's opted to just settle with medium or medium well when around anyone else.

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Being as disinclined to relaxing as she is, arguably reading. Virara is quiet and likes to be left alone. Had she never been stranded she probably would have grown up bookish, but her personality was shunted in a different direction.


Her other hidden interests, those that don't concern her focus on training, are taking care of bonsai trees and catching bugs. She cannot abide idleness and rarely lightens up enough to do either thing.

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Aside from sampling fine rums, Nathan truly enjoys being a flirt, not necessarily with any real goal in mind, but simply for the fun of the exercise, and to keep his skills up.


The harder drinking is not as much "guilty pleasure" as it is "occupational hazard"

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Jellal loves listening to people sing, though he wont admit that, and deny that he was listening if ever approached on it, but after so much war and violence, hearing joyful songs puts his heart a little more at ease.


Ame loves the rain.  Even if she gets sick standing out in it for hours.  It's her favorite weather and if it's raining you can bet your ass she's out there standing it in.

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Rihxo's is... well, it's chocolate. But she's a chocolatier, so it's okay! ...right?


Arata has a thing for cinnamon anything. Cinnamon tea, cinnamon buns... she'll love you forever, probably.


Adelaide's? Take anything typically feminine and that's her guilty pleasure. Flowers, dresses, all that sort of thing... she'll be all for it in a heartbeat.


Mami's is probably something really plain, like a flirtatious conversation or something. Who knows?

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Roen has two guilty pleasures: sweets and dancing.


She doesn't like to admit her weakness for sweets.


And as for dancing, it isn't a guilty pleasure to dance in a setting where it's expected, like a ball. It is when she is alone, when she either hears music in the distance or imagines one in her head and spins and go through the motions. That's her guilty pleasure because she sees it as an indulgence, a departure from her usual martial training activity or other more serious duties. She hasn't done it in awhile though, since her heart has not been in it.

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Jana's true guilty pleasure is how much she's grown to enjoy taking others' lives. She lets her guilt over being a general closet perv cover up how much of that perversion is directly related to the slaughter, both in her own head and when dealing with other people.


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Arblis has plenty of pleasures she doesn't feel guilty about. Eavesdropping. Picking fights. Sweet treats.


But she will swear up and down that she does NOT gossip, no, not ever, not at all. Did you hear Flamedancer's boyfriend fell in love with an Allagan repair module? I MEAN I DONT GOSSIP YOU HEARD NOTHING

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