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What Disney character is your character?

Onion Knight

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I was being a responsible adult and perusing some of the finer classic disney films with my flatmates a few days back in a drunken stupor, and the thought crossed my mind, which RPC characters would be who if they were in the disney universe. 

You people can't fool me, I know we've all thought this at some point.


I'll get the ball rolling to see if this takes off or not.


Servus, Simba from Lion King


Kunugh, Babmi's dad probably


Owain, All three of the hyenas form the Lion King morphed into one monstrosity


Okit'a, Hades from Hercules


Zansetsu, Mushu from Mulan

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... This one actually got me to stop and think. It's been a long time since I've seen a lot of Disney movies, and there's quite a few that I haven't seen as well. So I'm running mostly off memory and the short blurbs found in the wiki list of Disney characters.


Gogon, my initial thought was Ursula back when he was much more conniving and, well... villain-ish. Kaa from the Jungle Book, maybe? Though, fanciful answer considering his relationship with An... Beast might also be a good fit. Joke answer: Grumpy from the Seven Dwarves.


Chachan might be... Chicken Little? Really, any of the friendly and somewhat childlike characters would work for him. Kronk crossed my mind for a moment, too, and Sapphire tossed out Herc as a potential match as well. Similar joke answer: Dopey.


Judge makes me think of the Queen of Hearts just because of the court scene and all that. Oh! Or King Triton. King Triton might be good.

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I regularly compare my characters to video game and anime characters because it's a good way to both find things to avoid and to find things that work. Disney was honestly something I didn't think of. So when I thought about it....


Overprotective father?


Loves exploring and learning new things?


Has her "head in the clouds" a lot?


Hangs around with non-human friends as much as human ones?


Actually has musical training as opposed to breaking into song with little explanation?


As much as I wanted to avoid it due to my forum name I guess Tsubaki's kind of like Ariel. Oops.

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Hm... well quite a few times on tumblr I stated that I thought Liara was a lot like Tala from Moana. Wise, eccentric, kind of wacky. 


Zhara is a bit more complicated. Like she's musically talented and likes to sing like Ariel, she's eager to learn more and read books like Belle, she's had a rough past that can still haunt at time like Megara. Yeah! :3

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Hmm . . . the character Taly is probably most analogous to is Rapunzel in Tangled . . . minus the long hair. They both dabble in a lot of different skills, and they both generally do the right thing. Taly has some dark things in her past though, but I can't think of a Disney character like that off the top of my head.

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If we are including Pixar-Disney in the Disney umbrella, then Malachi would be Wall-E.  

However just puuuure Disney, then he is totally Olaf from Frozen, which is funny to me.  I'm not particularly fond of frozen... but Malachi's happy-go-lucky and spacey attitude really does fit that snowman.

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Shinryu is most likely Doctor Facilier, minus the fancy moustache.


Greedy and powerhungry to a fault as a result of growing up poor under Garlean rule. Fascinated by primals and magic. Charming, suave and certainly with a complete lack of morals. Between his card drawing, egi summoning and widespread spy network... I suppose you could say he does have friends on the other side. All of the sides, in fact.


I am afraid I will now have to look into making a Doctor Facilier-inspired glamour because of this, haha. :lol:

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This is an old topic, but then again it seems the prompts forums aren’t too active so I thought there would be no harm in sharing.


Shelly is reserved and quiet. Very kind, and not at all shy, but thoughtful and more of a listener and advice giver. The topic really made me have to stop and think.


But I think I finally settled on Lady from Lady and the Tramp.


They’re both feminine and demure but also strong-willed and compelled to do what they think is right. Both can be a bit naive, but open-minded and rational.



It suits Shelly perfectly.

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