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Poll: Au Ra and your character, what will you do?


How are you going to RP an Au Ra?  

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  1. 1. How are you going to RP an Au Ra?

    • I'll just make one. I've got free character slots!
    • Killing/MIAin' my character, and Fantasia/Name change into an Au Ra.
    • My character will be ICly transformed through magic, curses or potions. Name and personality won't change.
    • ICly drinking/transforming, but mind will be affected too. Only name will stay the same.
    • My character was an Au Ra from the beginning, just very good at hiding horns. I'll discuss retconning with friends who may have seen them.
    • Eh, I'll stick to my original race for now.

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A lot of us are excited about the new races and are already brainstorming on how to RP one. I've been hearing all kinds of things, but I'd love to get a general idea of what people will do to achieve RPing an Au Ra.


Personally, I'm going to ICly kill two of my alts (I'm on 8/8 slots, I wish I had more!) and Fantasia/Name Change them into Au Ras, but I know there's lots of other options! What will you do?


Will you kill a selected character to create a brand new Au Ra?


Will your character be cursed / bribed into drinking Fantasia and receive the features of an Au Ra, but preserve his/her original personality and habits? Or will they suffer a complete mind reset as well?


Or maybe you simply aren't going to RP as an Au Ra? Let me know!

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I'm a little too attached to my main character as an Elezen to name-change her.  That said, the Au Ra look really elegant and I'm looking forward to digging my teeth into the lore about them before I go off and make a new character that's of that race.  


But they seem interesting, if appearance are anything to go by, so I'm eagerly looking forward to the ability to make one.  Kind of glad now that I haven't actively RP'd all of the toons I've made, so I'm not at all guilty about deleting an unplayed toon to make a new race/class combo.

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I have a couple alt character ideas I want to do, but have been holding off until I get Chachan up in levels and properly geared to help out both LS and FC as much as he can. And have access to the widest range of costumes for dress-up.


One's a Hyur, one's a Roe. Adding an Au Ra to the pile shouldn't be horribly difficult, and it might even replace one of the other two, depending! I just need to find out more about them so I can figure out a story for them!


As for Chachan, he's foreverlala.

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I'll be changing an alt into one, provided we actually can use a Fantasia for that. I don't think SE would pull that jerk move, but I'm always prepared for the worst. The alt in question, my character Lhei, won't be dying or really going MIA. She's just sort of... in the background-ish. Living her life, doing her thing with her fiance'.

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I am looking forward to the potential drop in Miqo'te populations.


It's not a good thing that the fan service race will drop purely because of another fan service race!


I find the Au Ra's sexual dimorphism despicable, and as I've said elsewhere, one shouldn't need an exotic race to make an interesting character. Anyone should be able to make an interesting character with the most basic race/class. If Square Enix had the artistic integrity to make the female Au Ra look similar to the men, maybe I wouldn't think so little of it.


That being said, will 100% back legit Au Ra ninjas. Will /straightface Au Ra being born in Eorzea.

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As we have very little lore outside of the distinct possibility that some Au Ra came along for the ride with Yugiri. All I can assume is that maybe some have been some in hiding in Mor. (Hoods to hide horns and tails hidden.)


While we do not have definite time passed since 2.2, we can assume enough time has passed that Yugiri and the Doman people have gotten acquainted with the lands (hence why they can handle stuff so well in MSQ) so a Au Ra might not be entirely clueless of the world they are in.


Also, the Ninja storyline is not connected to MSQ, so it means travel from the east to here is possible and here to the east, meaning that perhaps they could have been here longer than the start of Heavensward. However... I haven't the slightest if I will do something with one of my characters.


Reasons being:


1) I haven't clue about the lore. SE could say they are living in the North. (Wouldn't be surprised if their homeland is part of the new zones rather than overseas)

2) If I were to transform one of my characters into one, I would probably name change/fantasia OOCly, and then make an alt by the name of the old one so the character still exists. But since that requires IRL money I would need a SOLID character idea to do that. PVE Main and RP main don't need to really be tied together.


Until we get more lore and information about them, I cannot answer the poll outside of derp... I don't know.

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I could do three things but it all hems on whether or not RPing as Kage and playing a Lalafell still be fun or not.


I have fantasias to use.


I do have the character slots but none of them have been leveled past 15 of the three I DO have so...

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