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Wardrobe Malfunction?!

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It's a casual night at your favorite roleplaying spot. You cross the room to refresh your drink when you feel it. There's a... freer sensation than you're used to? That's when you realize that you're accidentally making the T for Teen rating approach the M for Mature one!


...how does your character react to accidentally baring their best bits to the public accidentally? What do you do if it happens around you? Panic? Play it off? Flee? Gawk? Do you volunteer to be a replacement garment until a proper one can be found?

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Helicopter into Val, making a beautiful homoerotic mid-air crash.


Alderique likes to get naked, but when on his terms/when he's expecting. He would be terribly embarassed if it happened to him by accident, especially in some public setting where it was not appropriate.


Probably some Gridanian shame thing, going on, though I wonder if they're kinda hippies who run around naked all the time.

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Marcy will probably carry on whatever he was doing casually and like nothing happened. He'll be dying inside, but should anyone point the malfunction out, will do everything to make the person in question embarrassed to the point of dropping it and probably buying him clothes.


He's normally wearing enough layers to cover anything, at any time, though. So short of getting them set on fire...

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Aoi normally dresses in a manner so as to limit the amount of skin she is showing. That said, if all of a sudden her clothes ripped to shreds; She'd most likely go into a blind panic and hide herself from embarrassment. When at a safer location she'd attempt to mend her clothing with a needle and thread.


If somebody ripped them off, she'd beat them to hell and back before tearing out of the place in a blind panic.



Yuki: "You all saw me naked..." *throws tear gas and walks out like nothing happened*






If Aoi witnessed a wardrobe malfunction, she'd kindly offer to stitch the outfit back together, assuming it wasn't too badly damaged.

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Ta wouldn't be all too bothered if something popped off and had her boobs on display probably means she should shop a size up or two. With Ta, You can look but you better not touch.


However if someone purposefully exposed her girls to everyone, that's a breach of personal space and someone will catch an uppercut to the chin.

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Step 1 - Cobble together a made up Duskwight holiday. 


Step 2 - Act like it is completely normal because of made up holiday.


Step 3 - See how many people he can get to join in the customs of made up Duskwight holiday. 


Step 4 - Complain about oppression when people express offense.


Step 5 - ...


Step 6 - Profit

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Rihxo would, of course, freak the hell out and grab a spare set of clothes she keeps on her. (Normally, in case she gets soaked, but... desperate times, desperate measures...)


Arata, depending on who's around would react one of two ways - the first, being if someone she actually cared about was around, would immediately attempt to cover herself and run. The second, if nobody she cared about was, she would somehow manage to turn it into a social experiment of some kind.


Adelaide would act like you don't have the privilege to see her body while also flaunting it 'cause she knows she fine. Though... she'd try to cover up her legs, specifically. Anything else is fair game, apparently.

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Solenne would carry on like nothing had happened while secretly being much amused. She would particularly enjoy it if it made other people noticeably uncomfortable.


Michaux would be horribly embarrassed, especially if there's anyone around whom he's secretly attracted to. This might have actually happened to him recently, poor man.


Not sure about my other characters, to be honest.

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Give not the single swive.


Well, it depends. She understands it bothers others, so she would attempt to cover up calmly if there wasn't a more pressing matter at hand, but she would feel no real shame. Though, this is gradually changing as she is becoming less ignorant socially. But she wouldn't hesitate to change in front of others or wear nothing if the situation demanded it; embarrassment isn't on the table. 


All that goes out the window if she is without her eyepatch. To her being seen without it is mortifying and a greater shame than being naked, given what it represents to her.

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