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Official RPC Census 2016

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It's been a good three years since the RPC has last had a true full blown census, and it's high time we take a look at how the community has evolved since then! You can view the 2013 Census results here: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/misc.php?page=census-2013


The 2016 Census link can be found below. Only the first two questions are required, and the rest are optional. That said, I encourage everyone to answer every question for the absolute best results (it only takes minutes to fully complete). The poll will remain open until May 4th. Results will be posted for public viewing as soon as possible (I estimate within a week or less of the poll ending).


For the most part, the data collected will remain mostly the same with some minor modifications for better accuracy and a few added nuggets!


Thanks for your contribution!



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I'm kinda confused how to answer the "romantic leaning" question when all the answers are sexualities... I answered as if they were "-romantic" instead of "-sexual" (i.e. heteromantic instead of heterosexual) but I wanted to point out that's an odd way to word that question. For example, one of my characters isn't into sex at all- she's asexual- but she likes boys romantically (cuddling and holding hands etc, more than-than-friends-like). For some characters the difference will actually matter.

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The sexuality answers refer to general terminology. Generally, each one is defined as something along the lines of "an enduring pattern of emotional, romantic, and/or sexual attractions," key word being "or."


So for those, you would want to select whichever romantic leaning the character has. Hence the way the question is phrased. Based on your description, I'd say you answered it properly for your character :thumbsup:

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In the past 5 hours, we've managed to officially gather over 60 responses. My personal goal is to hit at minimum 100 (to minimize margin of error), though I'd personally prefer 125+ responses.


Thanks to all who contributed so far! Please spread the word to fellow RPers so we can continue to gather data that's as accurate as possible. There's still plenty of time left.


Thus far, some of the data is a bit surprising. Will the miqo'te race remain king of the Eorzean jungle? Will one of the Twelve be elevated above all others and pave the way for monotheism in Eorzea? How many of those rascally loldragoons are there anyway? All this and more to be revealed! ...in about two weeks...

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Bumping despite it not needing it to see if I can properly equip my wizard hat and robe.


Primary Character: Miqo'te majority, lalafell second


Primary Class: I expect Scholar to be most popular, followed by Warrior!


Point of Origin: Tough one, but I think Ul'dah takes the win. That or "Unknown."


Primary Residence: Ul'dah


Wealth: I think Average is the majority!


Primary Income: I have no idea. Random selection says merc work.


Relationship status: "It's complicated" by a landslide!


Sexuality: Bi/Pan. I still don't understand what pansexuality is when there's only two sets of naughty bits.


Relationship count: I think 3-4 is a good guess.


Religion: Oschon by a landslide as well!


Religion: I think we'll have more Agnostics than anything else, though I do expect strong numbers from Atheist. Somehow.


Character age: 23-27 majority, 28-32 second.


Literacy: Moderate read and write wins!


Surviving Family: I don't think there's going to be a whole lot of that going on. Everyone's dead, Jim.


Character origin: I'm guessing ARR is the majority.


Echo: I think majority No on this one.


MSQ: I think most are the second option. The MSQ happens, but we only see the repercussions of it.




Can't wait to see how wrong I am!

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I definitely think everyone should participate! I am super curious to know the census!


And following Warren's example... (I feel like this could be RPC's version of fantasy football) (okay it's nothing close, but maybe I can get closer than Warren...)



Primary Character: Miqo'te majority, hyur second


Primary Class: I expect Paladin to be most popular, followed by Scholar!


Point of Origin: I think it will be Unknown.


Primary Residence: Ul'dah


Wealth: Average too... I need to start choosing something different from Warren...


Primary Income: Mercenary! Damn, same answer as Warren again!


Relationship status: I'll go with single!


Sexuality: Heterosexual. I could be completely wrong here though.


Relationship count: B. I mean 3 - 4


Religion: Halone! (I have no idea..)


Religion: Follower of the Twelve if most people play Eorzean citizens


Character age: 23-27


Literacy: I'll go with Moderate


Surviving Family: Uhhh I am going to go with siblings.


Character origin: ARR!


Echo: Nope. Damn it, same as Warren again...


MSQ: B again. Most recognize the MSQ events but are not direct participants of it.


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Now that I think about it, I'm mildly distraught that the survey mainly concerns main characters, although I completely understand why that is so and have no particular suggestions on including alt characters other than questions like "what's your second most played race"?


Because while I main a lalafell, I also have four other roegadyn characters who aren't going to be represented at all, and I feel like race statistics are going to be a little skewed as a result.

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Most people who play Lala seem to play them alt anyway, so that too will not be represented. 


I would probably have made the race choice multiple buttons to count the number of characters overall that are of a certain race. But I guess the idea is to get which ones are most played?

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