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Benchmark Creation Screenshots

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I didn't see a thread like this, so I figured I'd put it up. As many of us know and are VERY VERY HAPPY ABOUT... The Character Creation benchmark was launched today, the 1st of August, so download it if you haven't already and post your character's appearance. :] I used Picasa to screenshot mine but I'm sure there are many other ways to do it. 


Hyltwakka Ahldbharsyn, "Gentle Giant and Friend of Gridania"




A'navek Tia-... Lion-y Sunseeker (Yes, he's got the tail.) Don't know too much about him, he'll probably be aloof, a bit of a jerk, maybe high most of the time. 




Wildwood Elezen that I might make as my third character:



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I'm envious that you all get to try this out. I want to see if I can make some alterations to my previous Roegadyn. I personally found her to be too dark-skinned and I'll probably change her eye color as well.


Also, I heard that there aren't any additional hairstyles. I hope I heard wrong :(.

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Now that that's fixed. Here's my newest character, Eko Tenok:






Wart's back in the mix with his muttonchops and his greasy hair:




And we can't forget everyone's favorite Ishgardian vagabond! Here's Uther:



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Finally! :moogle:

T-this is so much love ;_;

If only their bodies weren't so huge...



I managed to more or less find a look I like for my Miqo'te. She got a tan from living in the desert.




I need help though. What colour would be best? One that blends with her hair, or a more noticeable tan? (>_<;


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