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If there was no internet/mmorpg's what would you be doing instead?


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So this is something I occasionally have talked about with others, I find it interesting to hear peoples answers. 

Imagine that there wasn't any internet, or that there were not any mmorpgs, what would you be doing instead? 


For me, I'd probably be a book-club person and read way into the night. I do still read, but not nearly as much as I did before we got proper internet at home. That and if the internet was to completely disappear, I'd move in to the nearest library because I wouldn't feel good about not being able to google my random questions.

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I'd still be a pleb console gamer. :cactuar:


I'd be reading a lot too. I used to devour books by the shelf before I discovered the wonders of the interwebs. I usually always have a random tab in my browser containing something like this:




I'd probably be more outdoorsy too. I used to run around in the woods and go tubing and camping and stuff when I was younger and now I'm like "Ew, a stick. Get it away."

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If there were no Internet, I'd be... probably running a BBS, like I did before the Internet was readily available. :) I'd also spend a lot more time writing...


...and I'd probably be out of a job, seeing as most of what I do is based on my knowledge of distributed systems over the Internet. So I guess I'd have a lot of time to write. I'd probably play on consoles more, maybe go back and get my Ph.D., that sort of thing.

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no matter how much role playing, or internet related stuff in general has given me, I still consider it escapism. So.. Thinking logically about it..


if there was no internet and role playing for me, I'd be probably still working in security as I do now, except that I would spend far more nights drunk in pubs and discos living the YOLO dream of partying until I'd have had knocked a girl up and been forced to...settle. Cause family and kids and stuff.


Or I'd be in the military ad I've wanted to for a while now. Or possibly studying psychopathy..err, I mean psychology.


I don't know, there's too much to consider since I've been using the net and role playing for a decade now

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I'd just give more time to the other hobbies I already have--reading, writing, console games, tabletop games, drawing, etc. I guess I'd probably also text a lot more since I couldn't chat with my friends through Skype/Facebook.

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As several have said before me... if it's just internet and MMOs, I'd likely go back to consoles. 


However, to say there wasn't any internet would mean I never would have met my wife (or, at least I likely wouldn't have... discussion of fate saved for another day perhaps) and I'd likely still be living in Florida instead of Oklahoma. I would likely be a local law enforcement officer there in FL, instead of a teacher here in OK. 


In my free time, I'd likely stick to console and single player PC games. Take those away and I'd likely watch TV in their stead. Take that away as well...? Maybe find a cure for cancer out of sheer boredom? I honestly don't know if you were to take my entertainment technology from me.


TL;DR: Internet + MMOs quite literally got me where I am today in life. If those weren't around, I'd likely be half the country (USA) away back on the east coast doing a very different job than I currently do.

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There was a day the past month were the power went out for a day at home and work so I basically had the day off.


I ended up cleaning, running five errands, walking, exercising (okay to music on my phone), and crocheting.


I think I would probably do volunteer work, draw, be more creative in the kitchen, and crochet. Be a productive person. :blush:



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I'd be doing a lot more reading and catching up on movies. Growing up with a strictly religious family up until I was seventeen, I missed a lot of pop culture and cinematic legacies like Star Wars, Matrix, Saving Private Ryan, etc. I'd also be working a lot more on my book edit since I've co-authored some work with a friend. Right now it's in the 680 page range due to how it was all copied and pasted from logs from the various places we wrote it on/RPed it out/discussed it/etc. If I actually spent time on it that number would go down A LOT lol.

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