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What kind of RP do you enjoy most?


Whose RP is it anyway?  

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  1. 1. Whose RP is it anyway?

    • Slice-of-Life RP
    • Plot RP
    • Criminal RP
    • Espionage RP
    • DnD-styled RP
    • I RP an as NPC!
    • Dramatic RP
    • Comedic RP
    • Romantic RP
    • Other (May want to make a post on this choice)

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I like generally casual RP. Not necessarily slice-of-life all the time, but something that it's particularly heavy or involved and can be done without a strict timeline.


But I also like being a side-character to other people's heavier plots. It's nice to feel involved, but I don't think I'm at the level where I could ever really run a plot. Collaborating with someone on one, yes. Something long-term that overarches the character? I lack the scope for that.

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I'm the loser that likes everything. I'll take it all, really. All it takes to sustain my interest is complex character interactions. Things get boring if everyone gets along perfectly, all the time. To me, emotional drain at the end of a long session is my 100% satisfied signifier - not that it's required, I certainly wouldn't expect it after some light comedic RP, but damn do I love it.


Long (LOOOONG) plots, short plots, no plots - I don't care so long as conflict, character development, and fun conversation make an appearance at some point. I'm still relatively new to RP, so I have yet to try everything, but I want to!

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I voted for 'other'. I mean, whilst it's technically true that I have preferences in regards to the sort of themes that I like to explore I find it most interesting when I'm in a position where I can indulge in a little bit of everything. 


As much as I like tragedy and heavy plots it can become very draining if that's the only role-play I end up engaging in. In many ways I think that's largely why I felt obligated to take a break from role-playing Graeham.


Adding some lighthearted scenes into the mix, however, helps alleviate much of the burden.

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Comedic, romantic, plot. I've had enough SOL RP to last me a few lifetimes, and I tend to gravitate towards the more compact story arc stuff. Sometimes you don't need to slay a dragon across planes. Sometimes you just have to rush in and save a chocobro.


To be fair, though, RP is accepted by me in any form it comes. I'm generally flexible. I just wanted to highlight my own prederences here.

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I like variation. But. Give me heartwrenching drama & conflict. That is my main thing. Not that it is required, but I love it to bits. People dying, lovers going for each other's throats (hi Domri and Vi), friendships shattered, misunderstandings ect. Hells, I love me some good conflict. So I guess dramatic roleplay? I don't know, I like to keep things interesting between characters by giving them some sort of conflict to deal with, even if it is just a minor thing. Eh, I do not know how to word it properly!


Not that this is required for my roleplay. I love all sorts of things!

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I love improvisation with others that add to the overall RP. This way there is no preconception of what will happen, and each person is both doing their own RP but also providing support and openings to the others. We are all players and DMs, and trust in the others is needed.


And then I will always look to bring into this..

  • Action & Adventure
  • Comedy
  • Introspection

Also RPing with others that make me think and laugh, if my brain is engaged/challenged I will be back for more.


I will often run adventures of action or investigation, but the RP happens between the plot and there is no prescribed outcome or A to B to C.

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My choice would be a story-driven RP. I prefer there to be some over arcing theme/story that is present to the ongoing RP.


It doesn't have to drive every scene mind you, I don't mind occasional slice of life RP if it leads to character development, making connections, or just minute but enjoyable scenes. And to have a good story, you need a little bit of everything! A spoonful of comedy, a sprinkle of romance, a dash of adventure with some drama stirred in! And sometimes to run a scene or a conflict, you may need a DM to drive, or some NPCs to fill in to increase the immersion.


My jam? Scenes that move me, bring me to tears, twist my gut, or make me think on it for days. But you can't have those all the time. The build to some moments like those are made up of everything else. I also treasure little gems that are discovered in a scene, where you pause and go "well, what do you know!" because you just took part in someone else's character growth or there was a connection made. I love those too.


So I guess it is "whatever makes a good story" for me.

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I'll do and get involved with just about everything, though I have a special place in my heart for subversive lawful evil villains, and the conflict RP they create. They are villains who are "justified" to act the way they do, that are perfectly relate-able, even personable and friendly people, but ultimately follow a path of darkness with an ideology that the ends justify the means. It's a twisted code of ethics that can lead to some moral dilemmas for other characters, and it's interesting to see how they respond and deal with someone like that.

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I suppose "plot RP" would best describe what I typically involve myself in, but it's also not necessarily what I am most interested. In a sense, the "type" of RP is totally arbitrary to me because any "type" of RP works so long as it's set up as a platform for character progression. Slice of life, epic plots, DnD-style...all of those are fun to me as long as the characters within them display the potential for change or development, OR act as foils for others to change and compare to. I am most having fun with RP not when certain events or types of events happen, but when those events spur my or others' characters to progress in whatever arc they might have.


Obviously, not every character has to nor should they force character progression for its own sake. If the character(s) are in a pretty decent spot, then the focus can switch to something else like the plot or the slice-of-life events or whatever, and forcing progression that doesn't fit or is hamfisted or comes from nowhere can be just as if not more awkward than having a perpetually static character who never seems to be fazed or affected by anything in the long-term.


But plot RP is what I engage in the most because having a series of external events that force characters to react is the easiest way to induce progression.

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Thank goodness this post had multiple options.


I'm a fan of plot/story arc based RP (whether they're long or short arcs), definitely down for throwing in some dice DnD style, drama, combat...the list goes on and on. Slice of life is fun in little pieces (hehe) but depending on the character it's not really something I gravitate towards. I mostly have to echo what's been said already, stories that include moments that define or change characters or being able to come to the end of an arc and look back to see not only the epic, saving the day sort of things but also the times that helped build upon relationships and interactions between characters.

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This is a rather challenging thing to answer.


I really love deep, encompassing, plot heavy dramatic RP. I love RP that really probes into the deepest parts of the character's soul. I love storylines and plots that bring out meaningful moments that cause me to feel strong emotions. My writing often emphasizes that people are abnormal and irrational, and life can always be messy and strange. I really love rp'ing the 'being human' side of people.


I love long-winded, thorough stories with character evolution and character development.


At the same time, I can just as easily have slice of life rp, I can just as easily have a nice romantic rp because once again feelings. It's all about the feelings for me.


Comedy rp I'm very picky with. It has to be done right and it has to feel right.



For me though, fufilllment is what I like and it's what I want. I look for fufillment in my plots, large or small, serious or not. If I can walk away from the rp having an experience out of it, I feel like I've done what I was supposed to do.

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Variety is the spice of life! I like all of the options the poll-listed except for NPC role-play. But my favorites are probably plot RP/heavy plot RP, dramatic, and romance, with comedy definitely close up there, as well.

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My favorite is the hardest to set up, mission based rp, be it assault, covert, or full battle military rp. Takes days to get everyone up to speed, then you have to get your rl times to line up, then you have to find the right in-game locations.


Back in San d'Oria we handled these better as the nature of FFXI was a bit different and lent itself better to the form.

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I'm the kinda wanderer who sees an ongoing plot and thinks "Hey, that's pretty cool" before simply moving on. I tend to tailor my characters to the same attitude. xD


Bars bore me, as do official functions and political intrigue. Anything remotely serious REALLY has to grab my curiosity for me to get pulled in.

... and I think the best I've ever meshed with a lovingly-crafted plot is when I was playing a very low-threat Team Rocket-style villain.


I guess my response boils down to "DnD-style RP, Comedy RP, and Other (Being a recurring pain in the butt)"

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What a difficult and thought-provoking thread!  I enjoy every form of RP listed on the poll, and it's extremely difficult to pick a favorite (which probably comes down to my mood on any given day).  However, I tend to enjoy the following types of RP the most:


1.  Heavy-Plot RP (mature and dramatic).  There are few things more satisfying than well-written, heavy-plot RP that addresses dramatic and mature themes tastefully. These themes sometimes include violent conflict, emotional problems, disputes over love and friendship, crude humor, and scenes that take place in gritty, surreal settings. I find this type of RP tends to weave the best elements of combat, romance, drama, and slice of life RP into a lovely blend. 


2.  Comedy RP.   I adore witty comedy RP.  However, comedy RP can be very difficult to perform in a way that will amuse others both ICly and OOCly.  It can also be taken too far and become offensive. In my experience, the funniest comedy RP'ers usually do not have to try very hard to be hilarious.  One of the best lines I've seen recently was when a very egocentric, judgmental character who leads a FC chastised one of his employees like a grumpy supervisor for attending a bonding ceremony in a rental tuxedo: "...Ah, I see that your pants are not pressed."


3.  Flirtatious/Romantic RP.  Flirtatious and romantic elements in RP can help forge strong emotional connections between characters and tend to add depth to other RP subparts.  


4.  Slice of Life RP.  Whether it is hanging around the Quicksand or bantering with people over IC LSes, slice of life RP is very amusing and helps round off characters!

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It was hard not to simply check all of them.


After I voted, looks like I'm not the only one there.


I love RP variety. Crime and espionage RP will always be dear to my heart, and I love plot driven RP, but I also love slice of life RP, and all the rest of this list, too. Sticking to one type of RP exclusively gets old after a while.


For me, though, I think the main thing is I like organic RP. By that I mean RP that develops on its own, instead of following a plot that someone wrote. And I think that's ultimately why I can justify checking all those boxes. Because it all becomes slice of life RP. It's just a pretty fantastic life... ;)

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