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The Wishlist Thread


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So, we had something similar running over the holidays this year. However, I'm of the mind that you really don't need an excuse to just help out when you're able. So, I thought I'd try to get this thread rolling. Figure I'll keep this one short for the time being.


Are you after something in particular? Maybe a certain set of crafted armor or a weapon? A piece of vanity gear? A minion? Maybe you're looking to clear certain content, or obtain a drop from some raid. A craft power-leveled to 50? Some HQ gear for leveling? Anything, really. What do you want?


Make a list. Drop it here on this thread. If you wind up getting something on your list? Cross it off~


Let's see if we can't shrink some lists.

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For Koporo:

  • A Wootz Scimitar, because he needs a glowy sword that isn't fucking Curtana.
  • A full set of Varlet.
  • A full set of Demon Fending.

For Edgar:

  • A Kirimu Grimoire, because BOOKS MAKE A BOOK KITTY HAPPY DAMMIT.
  • A full set of Bogatyr's Casting.
  • A wind-up Succubus. Because cute.
  • A full set of Demon Casting.

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I'm usually too shy for these kinds of things, because I always have the impression I'm asking too much. So I'm going to write this with the expectation that nothing will happen, to make myself feel less bad :blush:


For my RP FC:

Donations to get us a large plot would be great.

We're currently missing 28,900,000 gil to reach the 45M goal (for plot + permit).

This could also be helped by showing me new ways to make money. Currently I'm doing most of our income by selling Ehcatl Sealant and HQ gear between lv21-30.


For Blue:

I'd really, really really love the Bluebird minion.


For Jet'a:

  • Garuda EX clearance.
  • Ifrit EX clearance.
  • Titan EX clearance
  • A main tank to babysit my weak paladin through the Curtana Relic Reborn battles (chimera, hydra, HM trials)
  • The Ultimate Ballade clearance
  • Odin Trial clearance
  • Labyrinth of the Ancients clearance


Lots of first-time bonus tomes for yoo...!

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Seconded on the EX clearances, though that's more for just personal satisfaction than need...however on point....


For Jet'a:

  • A main tank to babysit my weak paladin through the Curtana Relic Reborn battles (chimera, hydra, HM trials)
  • The Ultimate Ballade clearance
  • Odin Trial clearance
  • Labyrinth of the Ancients clearance


Lots of first-time bonus tomes for yoo...!


These I'm more than willing to help out with...and I have yet to get an Odin and Ultima Hard clear, so I'm more than eager to try for it if you are. <3

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SOMEONE TO HELP ME MAKE THESE GO AWAY (DF is a terrible, terrible way to go at this)



Oriental striking dummy

DRG wolfram set

NIN AF augmentation (Thank you eggplant-kun)

Assassin Fry minion (Thank you, Kage!)

Maelstrom to git gud at PvP (I want my horse!)

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I mostly just want to try and clear as much content as possible before the expansion hits. I still need to complete:


- Titan EX

- Ifrit EX

- Leviathan EX

- Shiva EX

- Ramuh EX

- Coil 1 (Turn 5)

- Coil 2 & 3


Other than that? More contacts for RP that involves getting out into the game world is always great.

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For L'poppi:

The super-cute Arachne top(thank you!!!) and gloves for Rogues/Ninjas, as well as whatever the Rogue's Guild shoes are called. ;3;

(I just wanna look like a Rogue's Guild member....)

Also that blue wolf mount, whatever it's called. It's cute...


For Lex:

Just make him level 50 instantly. Please. OTL

(I'm 90% joking... just those levels after 30 are so tough for me. -sigh-)

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Ooh, this is a nice idea. I approve greatly!


Rhyllona.. Lets see.. What do you need..

  • The Ability, Guide or Mentor to help me become a Master Crafter!
  • Kirimu Coat for Bard. ; ;
  • More Crafted armor for glamour. e.e;
  • A roleplay buddy or two.
  • Titan/Ifrit EX Clears.
  • More Crafting things and stuff!


idk. Crafting is my overall goal in this game. I'm trying to become a better farmer.. so I'm starting with Crafting. Plus that gear is so precious!

Glamour, Crafting, Farming and Roleplaying. My primary objectives for the rest of my life. @w@'

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Working through what I'm able to, so please don't feel left out if I haven't gotten to you yet or am currently unable to assist. I wish I could do everything, but, I'll at least do what I can. I'm working on making some wishes a reality even if they aren't finished quite yet. ; ;


For L'poppi:

The super-cute Arachne top



For Ramuh-na Spernsir

-Just a set of i90 gear


...A handful of pieces, anyways. It's a start.



More Crafted armor for glamour. e.e;



Any specific examples? :>

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ohhhh what a dapper idea! i got a few things that i've been working towards but i don't see a problem listing it here. :3


temple augments


the forager's set tricked out with all the materia. smw O^O

(that's on the back burner tho since i only have one class near max but the others are only about 20 levels away and will be focused on next! :D )


large woven rug


a fat cat omg a fat cat. neither retainer is going to be allowed into the house until they bring me back one. :3


a decent pair of shorts without the leggings for highlander girls .___.

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More Crafted armor for glamour. e.e;



Any specific examples? :>


Ooh, I meant for like.. from Square-Enix. They need to release more. though if I had to pick something off the market board. I've been dying for The gryphonskin jerkin for monks since launch. Never had the monies to purchase it. ; ; and I don't think I have anything to go with it anymore, but omg i remember LOVING how cute it was.

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I want everything. EVERYTHING.


For serious, though.




Coeurl beach halter.

Coronal summer halter.

Summer sandals.


It's almost beach time!


Kirimu Gloves of Healing

Kirimu Boots of Healing

All those freaking Platinum Scarves because they're fabulous in every color




All the BRD/SCH/SMN Kirimu and Archne stuff because she's not geared yet *sobs*

All those freaking Platinum Scarves again oh god my jewelry chest

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