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Where did you start RPing?

Desu Nee

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We all start somewhere. Where did you all started rping, note that rp doesn't really need to be as seriously rping and just something that could be considered a rp.



My start in rp was seriously embarassing. I started rping on Orkut and Habbo Hotel. Yes, laugh it up, my character was a student from a Harry Potter Hotel room when I was 10, I wasted so much money on Habbo Club I feel embarassed.

And the character I rped on Orkut...god...why do I need to remember.





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World of Warcraft, about seven to eight years ago. I share your feelings on the character I roleplayed... shudder. Never again.


she was a perfect angel blood elf with no flaws who was secretly a high elf and her sole purpose was to romance a hot guy because she was hot enough to have like, twenty, so that guy better be hotter than her and somehow be Apollo the sun god because haha gods > humans.

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Neverwinter Nights persistent worlds, which is about...13 years ago. Wow. Excuse me, just going to have a midlife crisis quickly... I moved onto WoW (Darkmoon Faire and Argent Dawn EU) 8 years or so ago, then GW2 (Piken Square EU) for awhile and WildStar briefly before settling here.

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We'll just say I started RPing back in 97/98ish in Yahoo's chat system. The "realm" was called Ayenee, which had an anything-goes modern/medieval vibe of vampires, knights, the like. It had an offshoot realm of anime RPers called Nerima. 


...I won't go further into detail than that, but there were some really good (and horrid) RPers there. I still keep in touch with a lot of them. It's nice to catch back up with old friends and see how they've grown from our old high school days.


From there, I moved to World of Warcraft upon its initial release as my first MMO RP experience. I was on the Silver Hand server, and later moved to Moon Guard when WotLK released. I was Alliance on both.

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World of Warcraft, back in 2007, on the wonderful server Ravenholdt. :) My roommate at the time got my girlfriend (also at the time xD) and I into both the game and the concept of RP, though previously I had experience with reading and writing fanfiction. The transition felt pretty natural. Maybe that, and the fact that I didn't start until I was older and much more knowledgable, is why I knew to stay away from the typical traps that new roleplayers fall into. I feel no shame about my first character - actually a bit of pride - and still roleplay her even to this day!


Ah nostalgia... I wish I could go back to those years sometimes. They were super fun.

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Advanced Dungeons and Dragons when I was twelve. It was actually an after school club with one of my teachers. My parents didn't approve, so I had to be super sneaky about it. After a while, they were cool with it. I managed to convince them that it wasn't satanic, and that there were much more dangerous things I could be doing. Of course, I didn't tell them that by that time I had moved on to Vampire: the Masquerade, buuuut... well they found out eventually anyway. Haha! To this day I play tabletop RPGs every chance I get.


My first online RP was in AOL. I was actually in a group centered around RPing in the SWAT Kats universe. Ah, man, the SK AOL RPG. From there I dabbled in all kind of other stuff. Online V:tM, some Rhydin chats. Eventually I got into MMO's and RP'd in Earth and Beyond and FFXI.

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My first full on RP started with the release of this, me being an avid 2000AD fan.


Thet lead to DnD, LARP and on-line BBS then CompuServe. Many many Computer RPGs and my first MMO was WoW when that came out.



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December 2013 on XIV, Coffer and Coffin event. Transferred from Coeurl to Balmung. Good times.


Awww last one Nebula hosted was the November 2013 one.. but it clearly worked for you :)


memories.. awww

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Dungeons & Dragons in the 6th grade. We were doing the DragonLance modules, and soon moved on to Forgotten Realms which I would revisit later in Neverwinter Nights on a few different PW's, like Myth Drannor and Tales of the Silver Marches.


My first online role-playing experience was on this game, back when it was called GemStone III, on AOL sometime in 1994 or 1995. I still resubscribe every now and then to play with old friends.

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I'd say here but I really got into Fallout 3. I couldn't stand bad decisions and I refused to get the Dogmeat "Puppies!" perk because it implied that any "new" Dogmeat was a reincarnation and therefore not the real Dogmeat.


...so I stuck to risking many hours of progress when out travelling through the wastes whenever Dogmeat vanished and had the potential of later incurring the sudden:

"Dogmeat has died" message ;;;;



But that's an RPG so it won't count?

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Hey, I found a "screenshot" of my first online RP character!


>peer mirror

You see Master Teveriel Anduin Vaalor the Exemplar of Voln.

He appears to be an Elf.

He is tall and appears to be mature. He has brooding steel grey eyes and fair skin. He has shoulder length, straight silver blonde hair gathered from the temples into a half-ponytail. He has a chiseled, angular face, a well-defined hawkish nose and well-muscled shoulders and arms.

He is in good shape.

He is wearing a somber black hooded longcloak, an old villswood greatshield slung over his shoulder, a full suit of brightly polished steel platemail, an ebon-veined white marble band, a low-slung black leather swordbelt, an antiquated black lacquered scabbard, a black velvet drawstring gem pouch, a small black leather kit, a pair of reinforced leather trousers, and some heavy black leather boots.


Undead-hunting Paladin.

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Gaia online had these breedable/collectable art things. I obsessed over the art there and then I fell in love with the RP that went with it.


Fell out of it because of college and work... and then suddenly Nat constantly talking about RP found Kage sitting inside a table at the Quicksand.

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I started my career as a role-player on a site devoted to the early Resident Evil games. Since I already had an interest in creative writing and acting it fell into place rather nicely. I was then later introduced to MMO's and started off with WoW - on Argent Dawn EU - before eventually ending up here.

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I don't remember the exact year but I think it was around 1998?


Pretty much when UO was still new was when I really started getting into the RP scene.

From UO I went into several IRC Chats where I continued RPing until WoW came out.


I continued RPing throughout several games until eventually ending up here ^.^

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I first started rping through Gaia, I joined a lot of Inuyasha and Zelda role plays. I got to the point where I took pride in several hundred word posts and super elaborately decorated posts. Most roleplays there moved at a glaciers pace because of this. I don't think I ever actually completed a story arc.


I later moved to the livejournal roleplay community, and I migrated with them when they moved to dreamwidth. I found them to be to really petty and dramatic for my taste, lots of gossip cliques, and anon bashing. LJ/DW rp works usually works like this, the admin made a setting or borrows one and then players would take canon characters and stick them in there. I found this style was really stifling to my creativity, because most roleplays were not OC friendly. It just lead to a lot of "you play 'x' wrong" and "you never play with me and prefer to play with your character's canon partner, so you're terrible." It was fun at times but also got stressful.


Then I took up LARPing, it was a breath of fresh air, literally and figuratively. The game I attend gives us a lot of room to explore, but still has enough lore that we're not lost.


And here I am.

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I started rping in chatrooms local to my language, I just had no idea that was what it was. For me at the time it was just random fun. Needless to say it was completely free for all with what you did. I also did some stuff on IRC at some point. When I played Rubies of Eventide, I did some things reminiscent of RP, and looking back I do think the person I talked a lot with then was a roleplayer of some variety. My English was still pretty bad though, and I never found any of the people I met there again - I have been somewhere around 13-15 years old at the time. I didn't actually speak fluid English until I was about 17/18, today I am completely bilingual.  


My "serious" roleplay career got kickstarted in World of Warcraft (I was about 19), because I was 110% done with raiding and I met some people IRL that played on Steamwheedle Cartel (EU). I made an escape alt, and because it was the norm to browse realm forums for me, I had a peek at SWC's and saw a multitude of stickied guides, their wiki and a long long list of guilds that were willing to take in newbies. I got curious and decided to apply for one whilst I worked on a background.. An 18 year old Draenei raised by a talking bear :blush:. We all have to start somewhere right?? I got taken to this IC interview where everyone frowned at me fiercely and it's the most terrifying thing I've ever done, after which they rejected me and one of them whispered me recommending me to read the lore of the game. So I did, and after a week or so I contacted them again (I don't think they were expecting this) and I was given a second chance as they sat up a small campfire fishing-trip type thing. Because of my chat experience I was completely used to emoting and, they got me in and assigned me a mentor. After a long time with them, I transferred over my previous raiding main and started to delve into Heavy RP, which I have stuck to ever since. 

I stuck with WoW for about two years before "Going on a break" from which I never returned, rather I continued to RP in Rift and eventually ended up here when XIV launched. 


I still talk to a few people from my WoW time, but most notably after six or so years I still play with one of them, here in XIV :)

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