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Your Entrance Music


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Ok, all you BEEF People, brawlers, entertainers, ring girls, ring guys, Shoot Match Masters Grindstone Grinders and Kayfabe Connoisseurs...


With all this talk of fightin' and bitin' and head-breakin', we might as well make it official...


The crowd's tense - they sense blood and sweat and pain in the air - and there you are, fists cracking, muscles primed and ready, and all around the air is filled with music:


What's your Entrance Music?

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I'm terrible at these sorts of things. My music knowledge is rather limited, and I keep thinking I need certain things to fit the "theme" of the character. I want to avoid using the same song I used as Chachan's "battle theme" here and there, which led to some random YouTube general searching and other nonsense.


In the end, I just kinda ended up with this:




It seems energetic and perky enough for a little hero wannabe showing up for a fight.

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