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Your Character's Role in a Sci-Fi Series/Movie


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Ganale would be an X-wing pilot, possibly a Rebel soldier.


Tahz, I honestly can't say; he's tailor-made for fantasy settings. Even in the modern-day setting I play an expy of him on in another forum, he's still the guy running around with the legendary artifact Gae Bolg while he's getting involved in modern-tech world wars.


Seno, likewise, favors his swords and supernatural talents. Granted, Shinmeiryu is a great equalizer and one of its ex-members proclaims that a Shinmei is invincible against guns (which is not true), nevermind the fact that Seno is flat incapable of using guns. They do not function in his hands.


Garon is a Mandalorian mercenary in whatever setting he's in (FF included). Sometimes he's also a bounty hunter, but usually just a merc. He might also pilot an Arm Slave depending on where he's found himself.


Ghost is a special forces sniper, again regardless of setting. He'll also be a TACP where applicable, calling the thunder and making it rain the wrath of the metal gods on his misbegotten foes.


The character I'm replacing my mercenary assassin with is a Gundam pilot. One that typically favors More Dakka. And red.


Yuuna is an ODST where she comes from. High-tech armor, tricked-out dual-pistols, the works. And typically leads a fireteam of the very selfsame badasses: Cleric Team.


And Chao? Chao takes the cake. Omnidisciplinary technical genius, maker of countless weapon systems, creator of several series of humanoid combat androids that would make Skynet piss its proverbial pants, master of time second only to The Doctor, and master of space second to none, able to freely travel between dimensions at her will.


Don't judge me, everyone has to have that one god-tier character.

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Oliwat is the tiny pudgy alien leading-man of a galaxy-romping animated buddy-comedy, alongside his personal very-outdated service droid, Clatterclank. It's a universe full of weird-looking aliens, retro science-fiction, rayguns, flying saucers, and Friendship.


Adalhaid is a tribesperson in one of those really primitive alien societies that still worship zen or the forest or whatever, and manage to repel the Evil People with stones, spears, and their fists.

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Gonna go by series:


Star Trek Crew member : He'd be Worf. Chief security, repel boarders, board other ships, worf was also tactical officer. Orrin's tendencies would make him not good enough for a Riker


Star Wars: If not Jedi, Pilot of some sort of fighter ship. If Imperial, he'd be akin to Rommel from world war 2, he'll fight the war, but will overturn morally questionable orders.

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