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What you up to while FFXIV is down?

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Maybe I'll actually be productive today....


O'course I could probably work on some of my character wiki pages. Maybe apply for some shit. Finish reading this one book I started weeks ago. Just the little things! :cactuar:

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Processing third-party claims at work.


Going to bed early a few hours after getting home from work and downloading the patch.


Logging on when servers go up and participating in the Great Housing Cluster of June 2016.

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While at work? Probably bang out an IC thinger on my FC forum. Maybe share it on the RPC, though I usually don't like doing closed threads.


....Oooo, actually maybe now would be a good time for an open thread in general.


Otherwise I would be playing Battleborn.


Yeah, I said it. Fite me.

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Work, getting some groceries, mebbe rp via skype to get that fix, chill in my living room with Suikoden III while eating junk food... oh, and fretting about tomorrow in a very un-zen like fashion. xD




Me, I'm at work for the majority of the day. I'll worry about what to do with my day without FFXIV when I get home.

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So, my plans changed a bit and I'm getting further caught up on One Piece right now. Will likely still play Overwatch later and thus confirm the assumption in the opening post, but right now I'm watching a skeleton man make jokes while fighting the torso of a samurai.

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