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What embarrasses your character?


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What gets your character(s) all flustered and embarrassed? And what is their reaction to said embarrassment- do they flush madly? Do they get sulky? Snappish?


The purpose of this thread? No one is completely without shame and therefore neither should your characters. It might be something small, or it might be something very broad, but there's more than likely something!




My entry: Synglona has always been somewhat embarrassed by her voice. It's a bit nasally and too high and/or squeaky for a Roegadyn of her size. There isn't much to be done about that, so she tries to just ignores it. Except when she laughs. Her laugh is very loud and obnoxious and usually accompanied by even louder snorting. Her family has likened it to the death throes of various sea life, and frankly she agrees with the assessment. Thus, she is intensely mortified when it happens in public, and will generally apologize profusely when it happens and refuse to meet anyone's eyes for the next minute.

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I'd intended for my character to not get flustered much, but seeing as though it's gotten positive effect, I'm alright with it to a certain degree.


My character is ignorant of a lot of things that would embarrass others, but that doesn't mean they wouldn't work if she became more conscious of them. Changing in front of others isn't a problem for her, yet showing her hidden, eyepatch covered eye is. Wearing girly clothes becomes a problem for Virara because she is mentally comparing herself to others when she had never considered it before. Likewise, her height, which before compared unfavorably to all the other inhabitants of the island she grew up on, is suddenly tremendous in comparison to other Lalafell. Again she becomes self conscious when she makes comparisons she'd never made before. Having it pointed out is embarrassing to her; having it harped on will make her mad.

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anything that will make her react too "girly". as in not the suave yet rough and tumble woman she likes to project but a giggly, blushing girl. erik has perfected the art of making her blush and while she loves him (and even the reaction he gets from her, but she'll NEVER admit it) it does grate on her nerves a little but because she knows he's partly doing it to tease.


she also has a problem with letting anyone save for a few reserved people see her lose herself in the way of crying or emotional breakdown. whatever causing that issue needs to be taken care of with a strong front first, then once it's all over; she hides away in a corner and deal with the feels, preferably alone.

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When her husband gets flirty or sexual. Because he's not that kind of person. And his smirk makes her die in the best of ways! Also being blatantly complimented on sometimes does the trick.


Xelra is also when her man decides to be flirty or lewd or the like. Her ears shirk back and she usually grumbles at him and gets even more grumpy.


The twins usually get that way about public affection in general.

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Steel will often extol her physical virtues, but when she's actually complimented on her features unbaited, she will almost always blush up pretty brightly. Her martial skill has always been something she's proud of, but being a beautiful creature? Not s'much.


Coincidentally, when she is shown to be lesser skilled than someone else in a fight, she can get embarrassed...but more often than not she'd likely approach that person for a drink and maybe some lessons afterwards.

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Bryn's known as an incorrigible flirt. But what most don't know is that it's almost aaaall bluff. Challenge her to make good on her offers and promises however, and if she genuinely finds you attractive, she'll light up like a Starlight tree and beat a hasty retreat.


She's also rather awkward regarding the sight of bare flesh, and so tends to avoid beaches and hot springs.

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There have really only been a couple times where Mel has gotten highly embarrassed. One was when Brio made her show off her work uniform in front of the other FC members (and Jig *coughs*). That skirt felt a bit too short at first, but she's gotten used to it now and actually kind of likes it.


Another time was during a lesson with Quki. Jig quickly smooched Mel's cheek out of nowhere to assumedly test something (still don't know what) right in front of the other girl and it threw her off. There was some complaining and grumbling and general redness in the face. There was also a sudden puff of snowflakes from the staff she'd been holding at the time.


There's really nothing set in stone as to what might ALWAYS trigger embarrassment for her, but it does happen on occasion. Usually she's too busy making OTHER people embarrassed or being too much of a smart ass for anything to bother her like that.

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Y'lani gets flustered when she is mocked, bad. She doesn't have much of an issue with people complimenting her appearance, but the second they mock her, she's ready with the punches (if you don't notice her flushed face, that is!) She believes that being caught in that state is a sign of weakness -- yet she barrels herself right down that hole.


She reacts snappishly, expressing that by stammering, stomping, and if the embarrassment is too bad, she'll sulk and let it ruin her day.


On the bright side, not many people know this, and so she only suffers this fate with strangers and one good acquaintance.

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When people flirt with her in public, especially if there's other Kin-members around, and doubly more so when it's a girl. 

And then other stuff like un-planned un-expected cases of nudity, both seeing others and herself (if someone pulled down her pants or so?). Things that would make most anyone flustered.

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Jajara is extremely dense when it comes to romance and becomes extremely flustered when she realizes that hey, someone might be flirting with her or somebody might be talking about the terrible things they do to each other in the bedroom and so on. She seems content on pretending she and everybody around her is nice and wholesome and possibly asexual despite that not being the case at all.


Also, dresses.


Delial is actually embarrassed by kindness, but it's a very particular kind. She has a super soft spot for people who do nice things for her IF she believes it is without ulterior motive. Yeah there's the folks who flirt and butter her up for sex or favor or whatever and she doesn't think overly much about that, it's what people do. But the ones who are just nice for the heck of it? It just seems so absurd that she can't help but get kind of giddy and giggly about it (as long as there are no witnesses).

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For someone who's trying to attract as little attention as possible, it's very embarracing to suddenly become the center of attention, because she doesn't know something that is concidered general knowledge. And since Irie's supposedly born and raised in Eorzea, she sure should know the names of the Twelve or who the primals are, right? So when ppl notice her lack of the most basic knowlege about the most simple things in everyday life, she has to come up with some more or less acceptable excuse. And most of the time it yields her many weird and confused glances.

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Any situation that could expose that there are a few select individuals that V'lanya cares about. Namely because she attempts to portray herself as someone completely heartless and uncaring, and solely out for herself. Which she is. If anything, she believes caring for someone as weak, and will promptly exit the conversation, or blush profusely as soon as someone realises she cares about others.


Alcoholism. She's very well aware she drinks profusely, and uses it as a coping mechanism. While she doesn't wholly stink of alcohol, and does her best to cover it up, she's paranoid that someone will realise that it's but a crutch to support well-constructed walls.


Lastly, being physically weak. She'll avoid combat where she knows she can't win at all costs - lest foes or potential enemies realise it can take one to two punches to render her useless if she's not wholly under the effects of adrenaline. Point it out? She'll just turn into a prideful display of knowledge, though deep down, she's likely sobbing.

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While she's gotten better about it generally, any discussions about the specifics of her sexuality tend to get L'yhta thoroughly flustered -- if they come from her friends. From people she doesn't know, she doesn't get embarrassed; she gets angry.


Also, one can easily get her to tuck her tail between her legs (literally) by pointing out something she's done wrong. She hates being corrected, and tends to sulk and get extremely apologetic when that happens.

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Personal proximity is something he has issues with so when people get close to Kage, pet him, touch him, show him any type of affection it embarrasses him. He gets flustered easily. People joking with him, teasing or flirting with him makes him flustered. All reds and stuffs.

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There's two major things that serve to embarrass Graeham. The first being those who respond to his own flirting with compliments and suggestions of their own and the second being anyone touching upon his heritage as it's something of a controversial topic for him.

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Whatever horrible thing comes out of Val's mouth.


She usually blushes, smacks him, and carries on pretending it never happened.

 oh hohoho Arry should tell Faye about all the things Val tells her. :D


Oh god Val would cry.


Also, what makes Val blush is when people find out he's actually really super sweet to Faye, or when he has to be in public to her. Like that singing telegram thing :v

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