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    Welcome to Aeons of the Twelve! We are a community for newbies/veterans to master and perfect their skills. Although we do have various differences that might separate us, it is the similarities which we share that keeps us connected. All members are encouraged to have the mindset of overcoming any challenges that stand before them, the potential to bring forth greatness and the spirit to strive for awesomeness! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ The Aeons of the Twelve headquarters is located at the Twelve's Tavern. It is home to the Crystal Garden that is opened between 6am-12pm for breafkast and 6pm-12am for dinner, and the Carbuncle Lounge that is open 24/7. We offer room and board at a reasonable price. Should you wish to check-in at our elegant suites or dine-in from our luxurious menu selection, please visit the front desk by the Crystal Garden where they can assist you with all your needs and wants. And as always please enjoy your stay here at the Twelve's Tavern. May you rest happily and relax safely under Her light...

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    We're a medium-sized, 18+ RP FC, containing morally gray themes with a focus on Yakuza inspired crime. We’re mostly active in the evenings eastern time, and this is when we hold many of our events. Our community is centered around the idea that everyone should curate their own experience. We’re focused on enabling people to enjoy themselves and become a part of our narrative. Members and associates (see carrd for more information on the distinction) can freely submit events through a form. We believe that many hands lighten the load, so we have an Assistant role for those who wish to directly involve themselves in our FC's narrative, granted on an opt-in basis. We want you to curate your own experience while being as involved as you’d like with everything that goes on in our FC.

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    Story and plot driven RP FC and LS located on Balmung
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    A Balmung Free Company IC: Have we really discovered everything this world has to offer? All its secrets? Do we have the best understanding of Aether and Magic we will ever have? Are the technologies we use today, the best they will ever be? Or could all of this be better? A deep-rooted desire to see what lies beyond the horizon, what tomorrow may bring, and what those of ages past have left for us to unearth, fuels the Aeonian Expeditionary Project. The Aeonian Expedition has been commissioned by the Grand Companies to explore affairs throughout Eorzea and beyond. The projects mandate centers on research, knowledge, cataloging, assessment, and containment of anything that might expose the people of this realm. With a broad mandate and substantial funding, there are few limits to which the organization can delve into. OOC: Our community is an friendly and welcoming outlet for people to explore and share their stories. With our open concept based in game lore any player can find a home in our company. We Offer: - Campaign outcomes that are based on player involvement. The story grows and evolves with your character's decisions! - Weekly events In Game and through Discord for players with busy schedules. - A unique Rolling system that allows you to explore your character's abilities. Simple profiles are created for players not as interested in dice systems. - An original storyline combined with social and player-made events make for a unique experience! Are you looking for a helpful community that will focus on your character's inclusion at the participation level you're interested in? Our dedicated officer team will work with you to find out how best to include your character in the company! Here in The Aeonian Expeditionary Project, our primary goal is to ensure all players have fun and enjoy themselves while playing FFXIV.
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    <Aetheryte Academy> [18+ RP] is a magical adventurer's academy recruiting students and allies active within the game for Roleplay or just a fun social atmosphere. Very new player friendly with events happening all week. PST for details or visit ivyrp.carrd.co! Guests are welcome too if you would like to make new friends and attend social. Ps: Players need to be a FC member to attend RP event unless you have special reasons that you need to talk with the leadership people to share your thoughts.

  • Open Club  ·  3 members

    Theme: Slice-of-life, crafting, invention, trade; FC/Linkshell available; Light-to-medium role-players

  • Open Club  ·  3 members  ·  Last active

    If you have a case we can solve it! Aldentale Investigations is a small (Role-playing) Company dedicated to solving varied mysteries and problems that come to our attention within Aldenard and it's surrounding islands such as Vylbrand, where our Company currently makes it's home. While we do at times take on pro-Bono cases, those are rare. That said, if you need our services and are short on Gil; we are open to trade and or exploring other payment options. We employ investigators, a rounded array of researchers, engineers, a small medical and legal staff to help ensure you and your Case are well taken care of while we help you with your conundrum: be it some artifact, a curse, Voidsent troubles, a haunting or missing persons. We welcome open affiliation with other Companies, Free and otherwise; at our discretion. Does any of this sound like something you could do? Or maybe you have a case you'd like us to work on? If it does we've recently opened our doors to new applicants AND clients! What's your story? For those seeking our services, please register your name and information below: and proceed to our Case Applications desk in the library on our sub-floor for further assistance. For those seeking affiliation or representing those interested, please register your name and contact information below and take a seat in the Lobby. Someone will be with you as soon as possible. For those seeking employment, please register your name and contact information below with Strongarm and proceed down the hall to our meeting room to finish filling out your application. Those already employed needing to register under the new system, please report to the meeting room to fill out the required forms. Thank you for your time and patience! ~-------- Currently Housed in the Lavendar Beds, ward 14 plot 49 (subdivision).

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    Welcome to Apocrypha, small auction house and rare object trading company. Acquiring unique alchemical concoctions, spices, aetherial artifacts, and art, we auction these off to discerning clientele. Beneath this we trade in far more unique objects, collecting illicit poisons, banned books, dangerous artifacts, and stolen treasures to sell to the highest bidder or most secretive buyer

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    This tavern—nestled along the shore of the Mists—serves as a reprieve from the ails of the realm. It’s frequented by all manner of adventurers, mercenaries, scholars, and even a few rare Grand Company members. Seated at the bar, they’re united by a search for fruitful work and unique opportunities. Camaraderie through arms, or at least a desire for a plump coinpurse. Beneath the din and clamor of the tavern and inn, however, is a sturdier foundation. Though few in numbers, the Ardent Lotus Clan has mettle and spirit—the sort forged from a combined desire of its hunters to make this Star an onze safer. They do not operate in the open. Yet far too small to stand among the titans of the realm’s other clans and free companies, they nevertheless toil away where they’re able. Come in, put up your weapon, and have a seat. Enjoy the fruits and libations of lands east and west. Stick around long enough, and you might just put down roots…

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    A charitable collective of healers, scholars, adventurers and strays - seeking to do good by others.

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    The Astral Academy is - if you ask the headmaster - a place of learning, where knowledge-seekers can learn from one another, pursue their studies and collaborate to recover lost arts and create new ones altogether. That and there’s coin to be made! The Academy is morally grey. While they won’t outright practice forbidden arts or magic, they tend to experiment and push the limits of what is available. When it comes to work, the end justifies the means - if a couple questionable jobs brings them closer to an important breakthrough, it is justified.

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    Founded by five like minded individuals in early May 2016, Axiom is a roleplay-oriented free company designed around simply enjoying Final Fantasy XIV's rich lore, environments, and the roleplay it creates, placing its focus on fostering a relaxed and inclusive environment for roleplayers both new and old. Based in Ward 8, Plot 11 of the Lavender Beds, the Mog & Mug boarding house caters to adventuring folk from all walks of life, allowing them to acquire lodgings from which to stage new adventures and even seek potential employment in the company of like minded individuals.

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    The Bandee Pakshee is the ultimate haven for all of life's pleasures. From our amazing food partnerships with Lavender Moon Creamery and Hothouse Catering to our talented musicians and courtesans to massage and anything else you might imagine, the Pakshee exists to bring joy and pleasure to the community, with a gentle Thavnairian flavor and a flair for the beautiful. We host events regularly that bridge the community of Eorzea and foster unity while training new up-and-coming courtesans, performers, chefs and masseuses to bring their particular brand of pleasure to the masses. The Caged Bird sings for you.

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    A free company with roleplayers in it looking to have fun doing anything and everything the game offers.

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    FC NAME: Blood Raven Coterie FC TAG: <BLOOD>. WORLD: Balmung. LEADERS: Daciana Sangebautor FC HOUSE ADDRESS: The Blood Raven Estate, Goblet Ward 20 Plot 54. TYPE OF FC: Roleplay Centric, Dark Themes. ACTIVE TIME: NA Evenings (UTC -6). WEBSITE: https://bloodraven.crd.co. . CONCEPT DESCRIPTION: The Blood Raven Coterie <BLOOD> is a group that is looking to create and facilitate an immersive horror/vampire themed experience that could conceivably exist within the confines of the Final Fantasy XIV universe and its lore as we know it. While the premise is vampiric in nature, all manner of beings are welcome to join. We really strive to make it a community that can adapt to different characters and players alike. Please check out our carrd for additional information, or contact either of the leaders if you have further inquiries. Thank you for your time!

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    «Blue» is a roleplaying FC housed in the Mist, Ward 18 subdivision, plot 59, up top and in the back among the chalk cliffs. We're the home of the Whitecliff Clinic, Steel Reason Smithy, Eorzean Exports shipping services, and other miscellaneous work by contract. Moderately lore-strict, with a relaxed atmosphere and no central focus other than to give our members freedom to play and write as they like without pressure. Also the home of Castrum Reficiendum, the one and only Garlean speakeasy bar night event. Not to be confused with the other «Blue»! They seem cool too, but we aren't them. Check out what we're up to on our Tumblr, or drop by the house and see if we're in! (You can hang out even if we aren't, though.)

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    "Do you seek, Adventure, throughout new and prosperous lands?, Do you seek Treasure, travelling into deep, dangerous, and dank pits for treasure long thought lost to the ancients?, Do you seek to hunt great beasts, for the glory and honour of having bested said beast, or do you merely wish to work on an Airship?, The Broken Blade Mercenary and Adventuring Troupe may just be the group for you" if you are interested, message Nataru Hirano, Valirelia Hirano or Just send us an app on our website

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    Cetra Inc. is an aetheric crystal and ceruleum provisioning company whose wide success has birthed its own security force born to protect Cetra’s assets. In addition, Cetra's also known as an independent body and are often subcontracted by the Grand Companies and the Eorzean Alliance. With advancements in research and technology within its independent divisions, and improvements in medical care, they are known as a self-sufficient organization. Cetra’s equipment can be spotted in several locations across Eorzea and the company is welcomed by those that know of them. While the inner workings of the company can sometimes be seen as "morally questionable", the public still views them in a positive light. Cetra Inc. is a one stop shop for medical care, military assistance, development of technology and of course the infamous Cetra Lounge; a great place to relax and enjoy a pleasant drink.

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    Chant House Bistro is looking for a few friendly faces! We are a restaurant and bakery and are looking for some staff to help us build our reputation and grow with us. If you enjoy socializing and perhaps a little adventuring on the side, we're the group for you.

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    A clan reborn in the East…Othard has been ravaged by war. That’s no secret. The people are in tatters. Tired. Exhausted. For those looking for a respite from this hell, we have an offer of family and of home. A sword against corruption, a shield of the common folk, the fist of the line of Ganen. We are Clan Jizutsu. Warriors, merchants, scholars, and everything in between, we offer membership to those seeking a new home. Contact Keiho Jizutsu or Akemi Jizutsu in game. Or Edan Poshtoll #5126 in discord if interested. Site under construction

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    A host/entertainment club with it's own investigative unit.
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    **IC Info**: Whilst covering as a front for a humble harbour respite, the Iris holds much more to those wishing for work. The Iris lounge posing as a front for the crimson iris, a morally grey mercenary organisation that does the dirty work for a multitude of clients, even doing dirty work for the grand companies themselves! Any work that needs to be done no matter the sacrifice, the Iris will accept any job for a good cost. **OOC Info**: Our company is full of friendly players that are ready to aid and help you flesh out your roleplay experience! Whether you want to roleplay, do some content or just have a good laugh we try to keep a warm and caring playerbase. We like to network too however and are always looking to make new friends and alliances. Should you wish to interact between guilds or simply offer a job contract let us know! On some social nights we also venture to what events the community has to offer.

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    A humble Shriogane harbor respite that fronts for an elite mercenary ban that at times works in cahoots with the various city-states. Small family style writing community that strives to promote and develop story together among all our characters. The heart of our company belongs to our member core, we all work together to create and share in adventure across Eorzea. (Morally grey. Adventuring jobs, tavern events and DM driven story weekly.) - weekly maps - tavern style entertainment (always taking new acts for our line up) each Tuesday - weekly sparring event (organized underground fight ring) - story driven RP combat events twice weekly - daily - PVE/End game support

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